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Hello! My name is Erik and live in the beautiful Okanagan running the podcast and heavy metal blog Metal as Medicine. My wife and I purchased a Tesla Model 3 in May of 2019 and love it to bits. We care deeply about the environment and securing a future for all life on Earth. You are most likely here because you care as well, are considering to purchase a Tesla and are need of a referral code to get you 1,500 free miles/km at the Tesla Super Chargers.

tesla referral code

Never another car again after Tesla

Elon Musk has created a tremendous leap forward in personal transportation both short and long distance. There isn’t anything like it from the Model 3 to the Roadster. After driving Linetti for the first time out of the Delivery Centre in Vancouver, BC right up to this point in time now (whatever date it may be) we have never looked back. There will never be another type of car we would ever own other than a Tesla.

Meet Linetti

The car is incredibly slick and beautiful. We have people admire it everywhere we go. When asked about it we are always enthusiastic and willing to answer all questions about it. If you purchase your Tesla we hope you are too! It is always in good faith of course. We do not brag about it. There are tonnes of perks that come with it that we choose not to rub in people’s faces. So much so that I will not mention them here. Please consider being humble with your new electric vehicle and display your car for people to see with the intention of exciting others into purchasing the vehicle.

Tesla referral code

Thank you for taking the consideration of using our Tesla referral code and hopefully your new car is as amazing as our is!