Podcast Episode 17: Into the Living Machines

Crossover episode! Living Machines and Ugly drummer Quinn McGraw (also Into the Machine podcast) join us in this epic discussion of a variety of topics including the evolving Okanagan music scene, nu metal movement and its relation to melodic death metal, and the growing venue crisis in Western Canada.

Quinn hosts his own podcast called Into the Machine where he invites single guests on his show to talk about the creative mind and dig deep into what makes someone an artist.

It was a pleasure to meet him and learn about his life. He’s a really neat guy and it was a lot of fun. Terence and Quinn have been friends for awhile so they spend most the time talking which is not necessarily bad considering how great this episode turned out!

Nu Metal Movement

Terence and Quinn spend some time talking about nu metal and the impact it had on the entire music industry. Growing out of North America this movement spawned many global acts that to this day are still extremely popular and some that are not.

Oh Terence will love that one!

We thank Quinn for coming out to do this and Kettle River Brewing Co. for hosting us in their brew room! Also support his music!

Living Machines


Bands mentioned in this episode

In Flames, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Rammstein, Nekrogoblikon, Soilwork, Black Light Burns, Big Dumb Face, Linkin Park, The Damning Well, Stutterfly