Okanagan Disintegration 2019 Day 1

Kelowna was given time to prepare themselves for Okanagan Disintegration 2019 but were they truly ready? It was a gathering of Okanagan metalheads at Muninn’s Post for the first iteration of the festival. Huge success? YES. IN DEED IT WAS. Will there be more? Damn straight there will be! There better be!

okanagan disintegration 2019
Okanagan metalheads outside Muninn’s Post (Photo by Logan Pay)

The showcasing of the best metal bands from the Okanagan including a few out of town gems. But who are the real stars? The bands or the community coming out to band together and show support for local metal?

Okanagan disintegration 2019
It’s about the scene and community we build (Photo by Logan Pay)

In my word they are both equally as important. We would not have one without the other. The scene couldn’t be as vibrant as it is without the bands and the bands wouldn’t be so eager to continue on without the huge support.

okanagan disintegration 2019
Photo by Logan Pay

For me this is the pinnacle moment of an amazing year. The last hooray before hunkering down for the winter and working on what the future will bring.

Friday night metal

The night kicked off with our lads in Eden Echo bringing their progressive metal to the stage for all the early comers. As a warm up band they have always done a great job engaging the fans and it has been a pleasure watching them improve over the last year.

Unfortunately one of Eli’s strings broke during the set which caused some improv to complete their set. These kind of things are going to happen from time to time and in fact it wasn’t the only string to break during the first night. This meant they had to switch up their last song and ended up not performing Mortal Wordsmith (my personal favorite). You can see back from the fist

Check them out on Spotify! We have an Eden Echo playlist our YouTube channel too.

Tyler Lawrence and his crew have spent much time under the flag The Unending perfecting some really awesome songs. With the different bands and style of metal floating around Kelowna it’s easy to say that The Unending has a level of energy unique from all the others. Tyler is a hell of a front man for the band and an overall down to Earth great guy. We’ve previously covered The Unending when they’ve opened for headcrusher and earlier this year with Truent and Technical Damage.

The Unending okanagan disintegration 2019
The Unending (photo by Logan Pay)

The Unending unfortunately does not have any recorded material to share online but we do have a YouTube playlist to enjoy!

Enter power metal with Thousand Arrows

thousand arrows okanagan disintegration
Thousand Arrows (Photo by Logan Pay)

The first out of town band to play at Okanagan Disintegration 2019. This is, as I would find out later, the first show of the band outside of the lower mainland. Having never listened to Thousand Arrows before I was pleasantly surprised to such a great thrashy power metal style with some real epic solos. It reminded me quite a bit of the likes of power metal acts such as Seven Kingdoms, Delain, 3 Inches of Blood, and naturally Unleash the Archers all rolled into one. Maybe even a little Amberian Dawn but minus all the keyboards.

thousand arrows okanagan disintegration
Photo by Logan Pay

The music was very interesting to listen to and the instrumental and solo sections by Eijaz and Colton were a lot of fun. Both in watching and they appeared to be having a great time on stage.


Kelowna’s own heavy/power metal act ArkenFire played their last Kelowna show of the year. These boys always bring it with their nerd-fueled metal which totally kicks ass!

ArkenFire okanagan disintegration 2019
ArkenFire (photo by Logan Pay)

Jacob’s vocals sounded very good, Netto always with the bright grin on his face and Millan, Randy and Ian moving around and having fun throughout the set. Long sentence! Fewf. I’m really excited to hear what ArkenFire creates next.

Jacob (photo by Logan Pay)

The Prison of Belief

blackwater burial okanagan disintegration 2019
Blackwater Burial (photo by Logan Pay)

Blackwater Burial slaps HARD. This album is still my AOTY main contender with their album being our first album discussion video on our YouTube channel. Their live show is just as brutal and technical as their debut album.

blackwater burial

This was my most anticipated set of the weekend and naturally Eli and the boys did not disappoint. The live show complements the studio recordings so well that it is something you don’t want to miss.

Each member of the band plays a unique and important roll in completing their sound. Everyone brought their best and it really showed.

Day 1 summary

Photo by Logan Pay

The first day was a huge success. I mean, the entire festival was a huge success before it even began with it being sold out and all. It is really amazing to see such a small place as Muninn’s Post jammed full of so many metalheads.

It showcased many of the bands we have here in the Okanagan and beyond. The lineup may not have been as heavy and intense as day 2 was lining up to be but the talent was in abundance. For myself the stand out performance was Blackwater Burial. They brought it hard as they always seem to do. We will be rounding up day 2 shortly so stay tuned!

Album Discussion: Detherous and Blackwater Burial

In our first ever video podcast Richard and Erik discuss their thoughts on two new and extremely hot albums by Detherous and Blackwater Burial. This was a test run we did for future video content we have planned. It turned out so well that we decided it would be best to share it with the community!

Detherous and Blackwater Burial

Detherous and Blackwater Burial, both albums are brutal in their own ways. One is influenced straight up from old school death and thrash metal the other rips and tears your face off with tech death with a sprinkle of melodic death here and there. Which one do you like and why? Let us know!

Detherous – Hacked to Death

detherous review

Detherous was on the podcast earlier this year when they toured through Kelowna in support of this album which was finally released! The tour may have been well ahead of release but they put on such a great show and their music so memorable that the album’s release wasn’t left forgotten. In fact highly anticipated by a number of fans here in British Columbia and I am sure even more out in Alberta and further beyond.

This album truly rips. By carrying their 80’s influences on their sleeves Hacked to Death sounds like a freshing take on death metal as bands nowadays attempt to have high quality releases. The rawness gives off a fantastic live atmosphere on the album and whether they recorded it on the floor as a band or tracked doesn’t matter. They pulled this off so well! This will be on my playlist for a long time to come and the band will definitely be one to follow for years to come.

Support Detherous

The above video is their title track song live at Muninn’s Post. This was taken back when they played with Plaguebringer. Below you can listen to the album and support the band by purchasing the digital version! This may not get you a physical copy of the album but the band gets supported and that is most important!

Blackwater Burial – The Prison of Belief

You ever get that feeling that current belief systems are a prison and we should be allowed to freely think how we will? The title of Blackwater Burial’s debut album sure has us feeling that way.

This sucker slaps beyond belief. Each song attempts and succeeds to rip your face right off your skull. Whether the riffs be technical sweeping or grinding tremolo melodeath-ish this group of guys bring it hard. The clean intros of Existential Crisis and Cerebral Peptides are breaths of fresh air as the fuzzed distorted guitars drag you back into this tech death ripper.

Honestly there is so much to love about this album. When Eli’s vocals kick in and I’m attempting to listen to what the lyrical content is I always get distracted by the catchy tech riffs and intense drumming. Also I haven’t been able to find lyrics online so I still haven’t had a chance to understand exactly the concepts being conveyed but I’ll get there. There is just so much interesting work going on here that it’s hard to stay focused on a single element as it is to enjoy the songs and album as a whole.

Serious shout out to the instrumental end to Existential Crisis and solo on 2 0’s. Both parts are as equally fantastic as they are different.

Support Blackwater Burial

Blackwater Burial has not played in Kelowna since Metal as Medicine began operations so we unfortunately do not have any live footage to share. That will soon change as they are playing Okanagan Disintegration 2019 on October 11th at Muninn’s Post. We recommend you to purchase tickets ahead of time and come see them play. What we have seen looks fantastic and it’s going to be a helluva show!

Other bands mentioned

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