Podcast Episode 15: A Pact From the Grave

cultist and euthanized podcast

Cultist and Euthanized Podcast

The Cultist and Euthanized podcast is our fifteenth episode of Metal as Medicine! These two bands are here to discuss their origins, their upcoming split A Pact From the Grave and conspiracy among other topics. This podcast episode was recorded on June 6th, 2019 at Muninn’s Post.

The split titled “A Pact From the Grave” will be released on June 28th and can be ordered from Nightstrike Records. Yes that is “mail.com”. Not Hotmail or Gmail but just mail. Visit their Facebook page for more info.

There are topics and statements made during this podcast that may be hard for some listeners. Statements made in this podcast are not the views of Metal as Medicine or its hosts.

Cultist is from Calgary, AB and play an old school style of death metal.

Euthanized is from Victoria, BC and play a crusty style of black metal.

Mental Health is important to us

Although it is joked about in this podcast episode. We take depression and suicide very seriously. If you or someone you know may be suffering from depression or other similar mental illnesses please consider seeking help. There are many ways to get help be it the mental health drop-in located in Kelowna or such websites as Crisis Centre and Foundry.

Assisted suicide for those with a terminal illness has been legal in Canada since June 2016.

St. Anger In A Prison

Yes, Metallica did record a video in a prison and we are nice enough to share that with you.

Master of Puppets with the St. Anger snare. You know, the greatest snare sound ever recorded in the history of the world.

Euthanized live in Kelowna

The Cultist and Euthanized podcast was recorded at Muninn’s Post before their live show. Below is live footage of Euthanized from that night.

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Podcast Episode 12: Join the Hunt

Svneatr (Black metal from Vancouver, BC) drops in to discuss reforming the band, musical influences and progress on their follow up album to The Howl, The Whisper, The Hunt. Also joining us is Apollyon vocalist Matt Depper. They recently drove up from Vancouver to support Numenorean in Kelowna.

Svneatr podcast episode

Muninn's Post round table
The round table at Muninn’s Post

This was a blast to sit down at the round table with Svneatr to record before their gig. A great group of metalheads bringing different influential and diverse backgrounds together to create some pretty sweet black metal.

svneatr podcast matt of apollyon

It was a pleasure to have Matt from Apollyon on. He was supposed to sit in with us on a previous episode that never materialized. This dude is always welcome on the show. He’s an energetic guy with a real passion and drive for metal.

svneatr podcast the hair that metalheads want

This is the hair that metalheads wished they had. Alexi Laiho ain’t got nothing on this beautiful flow.

The Crash Bandicoot poster. WOAH.

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Bands mentioned

Darkthrone, Death Machine, Liberatia, Gnosis,

Podcast Episode 9: Nihilistic Death Cult

nihilistic death cult podcast

Kelowna black metal band Nihilistic Death Cult join Terence and Erik to discuss their shitty old demo and new one that will be recorded in their basement “studio”. The new 4 song demo should sound like Blasphemy or early Black Witchery.

nihilistic death cult podcast

Nihilistic Death Cult podcast was definitely one of my favorite recordings so far. We had a wide range and varied discussion that went much deeper than previous podcasts.

Their first show will be June 6th (Facebook event) at Muninn’s Post. Be sure to come out and see these elitists show us their poser crushing caveman riffs!

Nihilistic Death Cult podcast in Kelowna

Support Nihilistic Death Cult:

Nihilistic Death Cult Bandcamp

Craft Beer “Metal” Labels

The Driftwood label Erik mentioned that looks like a metal cover. This is not one of our sponsors. Our sponsor is Lighthouse Brewing Company.

Brooklyn 99 Too Much Coffee! Cold Open

RCMP call’s Batman Presence a Distraction

A man dressed up as Batman pulled up in a jacked up truck decked out with Batman decals tried to help the RCMP. They turned him away and called his presence a distraction.

No Endgame Spoilers!

The theory has been buzzing around the internet for awhile now and we get the answer to the ultimate question: Does Ant-Man go up Thanos’ butt and cause him to explode? Terence answers YES HE DOES!

Black n Roll/Crust Punk

Crust or crust punk is a genre influenced by both English punk rock and extreme metal. Influence is usually drawn from earlier bands of both genres such as the punk bands Crass or Discharge and metal bands like Venom, Hellhammer, Bathory, Celtic Frost and Motorhead.

The results can vary but is common to have a black metal vibe or atmosphere to it due to the stripped down production, riffing style and speed. Vocals commonly can be screamed or screeched rather than growled or sung. Lyrical content can be bleak and nihilistic yet politically engaged involving such topics as nuclear war, oppressive states, anti-fascism, anti-religion and rebellion.

Poser Crushing Caveman Riffs

Have you ever heard poser crushing caveman riffs? Metal bands that incorporate the worst production and mixing possible to create what inevitably sounds like black noise. On the Nihilistic Death Cult podcast we discuss some of the bands that send us head first into the world of black noise.

Tetragrammacide hail from India and break our speakers with some intense black/death noise.

Sarcofago was considered one of the war metal or black metal bands. The cover of their 1987 album that we discussed on the show can be seen in the image below.

Sarcofago 1987 album cover

Burning Churches in Norway

Christianity and churches have a long and brutal history in Norway. Black metal in Norway lead to the rise of church burnings and helped push the ideology of refusing Christianity and other established global religions.

Even though the infamous church burnings in Norway took place in the early 90’s we are seeing it happen in recent times too. This article covers recent events in Louisiana possibly influenced by black metal. Now whether it actually is or not is another story. It is only a small group of the subgenre that either support or advocate for those types of actions.

The burning of churches and black metal is linked to Varg Vikernes (single member of Burzum) who allegedly burned down 3 churches in the early 90’s.

We recommend watching the movie Lords of Chaos for a better idea of what happened though it isn’t exactly on point with the series of events it depicts.

WE DO NOT. We love music for what it is and how it makes us feel.

I mention that 28 out of 1,000 stave churches still remain standing in Norway as per this page. It isn’t the article I was thinking of when I mentioned it but the point remains.

With a technology called georadar people are able to see what is below the earth in more clear photography to see exactly what is hidden beneath. For example a Viking boat burial has been uncovered (second article).

Gloryhammer video

Krash the punk band

Chris Barnes is a pissed off fellow

Chris Barnes has recently gotten upset about Thy Art Is Murder’s new single Human Target. They are not even the same song. Below is Thy Art Is Murder’s Human Target song:

Here is Six Feet Under’s Human Target:

Chris Barnes in the car commercial trying to make a few extra bucks:

Mentioned bands:

Wormwitch, Equipoise, NWN! Productions, Blasphemy, Satyricon, Darkthrone, Bathory, Black Witchery, Discharge, Black Flag, Fear, The Germs, GG Allin & the Jabbers, Negro Terror, Conqueror, Displaced, Nocturnus, Nile, Tetragrammacide, Teitanblood, Attrition, Sarcofago, Revenge, Mystifier, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Helloween, Goathammer, Gloryhammer, Krash, Possessed, Venom, Poison, Carcass, At the Gates, Burzum, Graveland, Philosopher Kings, Our Lady Peace, Roadrash, Gatekeeper, Nekrogoblikon, Orange Goblin, 3 Inches of Blood, Six Feet Under, Cannibal Corpse, Thy Art Is Murder,