Podcast Episode 22: Orator and Dominus Nox

Orator Dominus Nox podcast

A dual episode with the Orator and Dominus Nox podcast. One blackened death metal the other tech death, touring together and covering lots of topics in this podcast episode. What brings people to the metal scene and why does it go in waves? Even with venue issues this wave of the scene could be here to stay. It was really fun getting the perspectives of the bigger metal scene from Washington and Portland. I highly enjoyed this conversation and am one firmly to believe that the metal scene we have right now is here to stay!

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Coming up this weekend we have Truent and The Hallowed Catharsis visiting town.

Podcast Episode 21: Parasitic Spawn

Hailing from Winnipeg the tech death band Anomalism sits down to discuss the band, their debut EP Parasitic Spawn and what it is like to be on the road touring for the first time. Not only that but first time in British Columbia too! Enjoy the Anomalism podcast!

This episode also covers the shows that took place on Thursday in Kamloops and Friday in Kelowna. Please see that blog post for more information and videos.

Anomalism podcast

Joining Widow’s Peak on the Alberta and BC leg of the cross-country tour Anomalism comes spreading their disgusting tech death. Disgusting in the best way ever. The EP is crushing and the live experience is so well executed that it’s only a matter of time before these boys are putting out a crushing full length album.

By the time of the airing of this episode the boys are back on the road home and scheduled to play a few shows around Manitoba. Good luck to Mike, Josh and Nigel! It was a real pleasure meeting you and getting to know the band. We’ll catch up again in the future!

Live footage

I didn’t stick around to see Anomalism play in Kamloops due to the 2 hour drive home and work in the morning. The Kelowna show was a real pleasure though and damn did this guys bring it! It does make me wish I stayed for both performances as the experience was fantastic. Unfortunately if I want to be able to bring metal to the internet I do need to regulate myself.

This is the opening track to their debut EP Parasitic Spawn (it is linked below so you can start listening as soon as the podcast ends!). Not only is it a real banger but the entire EP is top notch.

This one is so new it doesn’t even have a title yet. The best part of the popularity of the internet is that as soon as you have something new you WANT TO PUSH IT OUT THERE so you can create a bigger buzz and excitement for what you’re doing. I always encourage bands to do this because the more consistent you are with new content the more popular you will get!

Anyways, enough of my ranting I sure hope you enjoyed the music!

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Like their tech death? Or their characters and the interview? Did you come to the show and somehow forgot to support them by purchasing their music or merch? Don’t worry. We got you covered. Make a purchase below!

Podcast Episode 20: Centuries of Decay

Centuries of Decay, winners of last year’s Wacken Battle of the Bands Canada, join us during their stop in Kelowna. Just what does playing such a large festival feel like and how does it compare to others? We get down to it with the band. Sitting in for his third episode is Lasse from Finland!

Centuries of Decay

This impressive group of guys gives us the low down on what it’s like to embark on their first real tour and visit to Western Canada. They’ve never done it! Hell AFAIK they’ve only played shows in their home area (Toronto, Ontario) and a handful at that. Centuries of Decay sure don’t look the beginnings of a career on stage. In fact the band looks well established and puts on a solid professional performance.

Wacken Open Air (Wacken, Germany) is one of the largest European festival since 1990. I’ve never attended Wacken nor had have I tried or organize a trip. It’s something I hadn’t considered for a few reasons. It can be very expensive to get there from Western Canada. To go literally to the other side of the world. Wouldn’t it be easier to bring something like that to here instead?

Armstrong Metalfest 2019

We have something very similar in our own backyard! Armstrong Metalfest tries to replicate the experience of a European outdoor festival right here in Beautiful British Columbia. I’ve been covering AMF as best as I can with a pre-show podcast episode along with not just one but two experiencing the festival drop-in episodes.

centuries of decay armstrong metalfest
Photo by Chris Geistlinger

The whole reason for mentioning AMF is that Centuries of Decay played the festival this year. So even more Westerners got to experience the fantastic show that these dudes put on. I ran into them when I first arrived too and got to shake hands and say hello with the guys. They truly are amazing people and if you get a chance to say hello please take it!

The Round Table

round table at muninn's post
Lasse sitting at the round table.

Oh god the round table!

I got a nice shot above of the round table we have been using for our recordings. It has been working out very well and I am so grateful of Muninn’s Post for allowing us to record so many episodes here.

Lasse left back for Finland the day after this recording (July 7th) and will be dearly missed by myself, my wife and the many people he met during his time in Canada. Cheers Lasse!

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Bands mentioned on this episode

Strapping Young Lad, Gojira, Dark Funeral, Ensalved, Between the Buried and Me, Darkthrone, Tortured Saint,

Podcast Episode 19: AMF Day 2 – Soup’s Hot!

During the recording of Armstrong Metalfest podcast day 2 we are joined by Thomas Cardone of Sentinels, Widow’s Peak, Greggins Greg of Myopia Condition and fellow metalheads in round two of capturing the atmosphere and essence of Armstrong Metalfest.

WARNING: There is explicit content during this episode. Explicit language, discussion of cannabis, prostitution and sexual material. The opinions of metalheads on this Armstrong Metalfest podcast do not reflect the opinions of Metal as Medicine.

We spend more time discussing the camp area and pointers on how to properly camp at AMF. Scoping out the perfect camp location. There are a lot of different types of people that get together to party and have a good time. This gave me a chance to discuss more about what a festival looks like from an outsider’s point of view. Thomas comes from New Jersey and had never been to this part of Canada (or Canada all together) before. He has some really interesting takes on it.

Unfortunately I did not get photos of Tit Mountain but just believe us when we say it does exist.

Take responsibility while having a good time in the Okanagan. Stay hydrated, use sunscreen and stay in the shade.

Canadian beer and Viking horns

Ragnar the Trader makes his way to Armstrong Metalfest to sell his goods. Devan explains what Ragnar offers and his own experience using the products. AMF streamline drinking! Check out Ragnar’s awesome products at the Etsy store. They have lots of great Viking jewelry and accessories.

Armstrong Metalfest day 2
Thomas being introduced to Molson Canadian.

Thomas Cardone crashed the podcast unexpectedly. The members of Sentinels were chilling at the camp so it wasn’t completely unexpected. They had just arrived at the festival while on their tour with Betraying the Martyrs and were welcomed with open arms to the camp and podcast.

We do not condone the consuming of moose piss outside of festival grounds. Please drink with caution.

Sentinels podcast
The first sip.

It turned out that Thomas quite enjoyed the Molson Canadian. We spent some time joking around about it and discussing some of the more local craft beers in the area. We sure hope the band got a chance to check out some of the great local breweries!

And Mead Too!

Meadow Vista was another one that he tasted. It came out of no where but I do believe it was supplied by Nathan, Jen and Devan. Devan explains about the honey wines offered by Meadow Vista.

Sad News: The van burned to the ground

This is no laughing matter. As much as we try to make the podcast and metal experience as fun as possible for people seriousness does get in the way once and awhile.

Betraying the Martyrs were scheduled to play Saturday night at AMF but as we discovered during the recording of the podcast that their bus had burned to the ground during the night.

The band currently has a GoFundMe up that is just short of their goal. Please take some time to donate even $5 to the band. Even if it isn’t your style of metal there are a lot of fans out there and it is the band’s livelihood that was completely lost.

Some of these photos are devastating to look at. This isn’t something that any of us would wish upon even our worst of enemies.

We hope the band recovers all their equipment and merchandise! Good luck my dudes!

Sumerian Records

Shout out to all the great bands on Sumerian Records. Nile is not on SR though they are on Nuclear Blast.

Legal cannabis

Yes Canada has legalized cannabis. This happened last October. Phoenix Tears is one of the first oils available for treatment. We are discussing legalization of cannabis, it’s use in medical care and cancer treatment. Please do your own research and discuss the use of medical cannabis with your health care professional before usage.

If you suffer from any mental disorders please consult mental health professionals before using cannabis for treatment. While it is beneficial for treating depression and PTSD

Found by Widow’s Peak

widow's peak armstrong

Scott Cressman, Chris McCrimmon, and Pat Paulson of Widow’s Peak showed up for a little discussion. They didn’t stick around for long but we will have them on the show next time. They put on a sick set that did have some tech issues. But all in all it was a sick set bro.

Greggins Glen is in the house

Greggins Glenn of The Myopia Condition comes and describes his new band Dead Lifted.

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Bands mentioned during this episode

Ion Dissonance, The Toni Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Glass Cloud, Entheos, Within Destruction, Betraying the Martyrs, Defying Decay, After the Burial, Nile, Hundredth, Balance and Composure, Currents

Podcast Episode 18: AMF Day 1 – Band Drop-Ins and Camp Shenanigans

In an episode capturing the live experience of Armstrong metalfest podcast shenanigans we are joined by Conniver member Sean Bouchard, Nomad vocalist Dylan Heska and Matt Depper of Apollyon . Later on Randy Peterson and Jacob LeBlanc of ArkenFire show up for a quick plug of the album they’re working on.

Warning this episode includes explicit content.

armstrong metalfest podcast

Armstrong Metalfest podcast

This was a great experience. I had a lot of fun recording this episode along with the many guests coming to say hi and/or plug their music. All the bands that have been mentioned are linked at the bottom of this page. Please check them out, listen to their music and if you enjoy it consider coming out to a show or buy their music. FUCK IT. Donate some money! Someone mentioned that one of the bands was tipped $30 at the merch table. THAT’S HOW WE DO IT.

armstrong metalfest podcast

The discussion starts off about the bands on the show and some of the past shows they had been involved in. This includes mixed bills and a lack of venue. Things start to get rowdy when JRod shows up in his short shorts.

armstrong metalfest short shorts

Armstrong Metalfest Stories

armstrong metalfest podcast stories

This looks like Matt is interviewing Axel but he is actually telling the story of his first Armstrong Metalfest experience.

I managed to capture a number of stories onthe Armstrong Metalfest podcast to give a bit of light of how some of the shenanigans that can take place at AMF.

AMF’s new stage

Armstrong Metalfest stage

Dylan discusses how he helped construct the new stage and a little about what goes on with it. Actually quite a little bit. The topics switch very quickly in this episode.

3-way manshake
A strong 3-way manshake

It was almost overwhelming with all the people around talking and listening to our discussion. There was a lot of fun being had by everyone and as intense and hectic the conversation gets (especially during the short shorts) it turned out really well. I feel as though this really helped get an idea of what it is like to let loose at a festival and just have a good time.

Being responsible at Armstrong Metalfest

Naturally be responsible. Please don’t do anything you will later regret, think about your decisions before you make them. It is not smart to drink a drink you didn’t open yourself or see be opened. Also please don’t do drugs if you are unprepared to do them!

camp tesla

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If Nomad has any recorded material I couldn’t find it online. I reached out to the band and they have not recorded any material yet. So please stay tuned for that!

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Bands mentioned on this episode

Detherous, Widow’s Peak, Disentomb, Xul, Truent, Rivers of Nihil, ArkenFire, AngelMaker, Galactic Pegasus, Death Machine, Eden Echo, Cattle Decapitation, Display of Decay, Cryptic Enslavement,