Truent’s Tour Ending Kelowna Date

Truent’s tour ended in Kelowna with support from Liberatia and Apollyon

Truent in Kelowna! They made it! The last stop on their tour and believe me when I say Kelowna is definitely the place to do that. Why? Cause that’s what everyone says. You’ll understand better after attending a banger of a show like we saw this weekend (two to be exact). The community is thriving, people are coming out, the metal is loud and intense, the musicians talented af.

Last time they were here was way back when Metal as Medicine was just starting out and here we are some half year later covering them again! Back at that point in time I had no idea who anyone was and felt a little awkward coming in and covering the community has it was. Like some kinda outsider. Now I am an insider?

Truent in Kelowna

The boys rolled into town with Liberatia from their Prince George stop the night before. Psyched and ready to go Spencer and I sat down to record a podcast episode (which I promise is coming very soon!). It was a blast learning about the ins and outs of the band and I’m looking forward to sharing the experience. But in this case it’s all about the music and live show right now. So let’s carry on shall we?!

Liberatia (Courtney, BC) – thrash/death metal

After seeing them at Armstrong Metalfest last month I was very excited to experience the set up close and personal. Boy did these lads deliver.

Liberatia in Kelowna

We sure hope you like crabcore because it’s finally making a comeback. It has only been 9 years or so but Liberatia knows what’s up!! If anyone understands it is definitely them.

Liberatia crabcore
Crabcore 2019.

If you like thrashy death metal from the Island. Well, shit, it can be from anywhere really that doesn’t matter. Then check these guys out and show them some support. Throw them a few bucks on their Bandcamp to show some love.

Support Liberatia


Apollyon (Kelowna, BC) – blackened death metal

What is there not to say about these guys? They have some really killer tracks. Extreme intensity and a mixture of old school death metal with a blackened touch. Matt’s vocals are devastating and his presence on stage is far different from anyone else. We can sum it all up in a meme:

meme here

Apollyon Kelowna

Eventually Matt will turn around. This guy moves so much up there that I have a hard time getting good shots with my phone.

Apollyon Kelowna

They have been working hard on new material and as I am randomly recording songs of the bands I’ve managed to get Wretched Grandiose and Nightmaker twice each now. There is nothing wrong with that. This gives visitors a chance to see the band from different angles and settings as well as gives the band the ability to watch themselves and learn/grow!

Support Apollyon


Truent (Vancouver, BC) – groove/thrash metal

Truent in Kelowna! What an original sound these guys have. The riffs and licks have some real personality and the melodies are distinct in sound. These guys groove hard and it damn well shows on stage.

Above is even a brand new song that isn’t released yet. It’s damn good and these boys put on a tight show.

Truent in Kelowna

Once the band is grooving on stage I seem to find this groovy rhythm to bounce my head along to. It is contagious as you can see so many others doing the same thing.

truent in kelowna

So please give these guys a moment of your time and if you like what you see and hear please consider coming out to their show and/or showing support through their Bandcamp!

Support Truent


This was a blast of a show with lots of familiar faces to the scene out enjoying the metal. It’s so much fun being part of this because it truly feels like a giant family. Each member gets along with the other and they bring their unique skills to the community. If you have some way you can contribute please drop us a line and we’ll see where you can fit in! We are always looking for more volunteers!

See all you fellow metalheads at the next show!!

Orator Tour With Dominus Nox and Hallux

orator tour

Seattle death metallers Orator toured through Kelowna last Thursday in support of their EP Kallipolis which was released last July. At the time they were on tour with Dominus Nox a blackened death metal act from Portland, Oregon and Hallux (black/thrash metal from Vancouver, BC)

Hallux (Vancouver, BC) – black/thrash metal

I had never heard of Hallux before seeing their show. The music was different from the other bands on the set. I’d say it got progressively more death metal. These guys have that black’n’roll crust style of black metal which can be harder to describe the sound of but sort of an Abbath type. I wouldn’t say this is war metal or full black metal but it has the influence.


Randy, the master of stage production, wasn’t on had that evening so unfortunately there was no light show. Results of my pictures turned out rather poor. This is of course only taken with a Google Pixel 2 XL so these were never anything professional to begin with. Only to capture the bands and atmosphere of the shows.

I captured two videos as well which didn’t turn out the best. Music and atmosphere wise they turned out very well just not the quality of the video. It is most definitely all about the music and live experience!

Hats off to Hallux for playing their hearts out at this sparsely attended show. They put in their all and those who attended were sure to buy merch to make their trip worth while!

I do recommend purchasing their music on their Bandcamp which you can listen to their newest release below.

Support Hallux


Dominus Nox (Portland, OR) – blackened death metal

Dominus Nox really intrigued me during the podscast recording and I really enjoyed hearing the opinions and POVs of Phelan and Lovejoy. Their live music and performance was really a great surprised. Then listening to their material on Bandcamp after was fantastic too and I am definitely sold on them. What a surprise!

Dominus Nox

Their style of blackened death metal isn’t unlike early Behemoth or Dissection with that Scandinavian influence in their sound. The fact they sing about Warhammer 40k is awesome too. It isn’t an universe I have spent much time with but I am well aware of what it is and it is very metal indeed.

I’ll be following the band as they release their trilogy of EPs and beyond. Their newest single Gal Vorbak has some real old school styled blackened death riffs in it and has some really sweet artwork as well. It shows growth in the band from their debut EP and the possibility of some really awesome material in the near future.

Which replicated well on the t-shirt. It actually looked really nice. Take some time to check them out below and consider supporting them!

Support Dominus Nox


Orator (Seattle, WA) – tech/blackened death metal

I wouldn’t call Orator completely tech death metal. Their debut EP Kallipolis has a broad range of death metal styles throughout it. That makes it really fresh for the ears to hear the difference between songs. There are a lot of interludes, intros and outros.

Unfortunately I had to leave and didn’t get a chance to see them on their Orator tour. So I didn’t get any photos or videos. But we did record the podcast! Which was a great time and I really appreciate them taking the time to do it with me! Hopefully they’ll be back in Kelowna and I’ll get a chance to record some of their material.

Support Orator


Let’s sum it all up

Thanks for the bands taking their time to record the podcast episode and perform for the few people that showed up. That was really disappointing. Even the weekend before drew out so many people that I thought for sure there would be more at this show.

This coming weekend we are seeing the return of Truent along with Apollyon (playing their second last Kelowna show this year!) and Liberatia. That Saturday night show will be a great show to come out to.

But that’s not all! We also have The Hallowed Catharsis (THC), Technical Damage and No Faith In Fortune on the Sunday night. Yes. Two shows this weekend. That very well could be a contributing factor into the lack of people coming out to this one.

Widow’s Peak Tour Across Canada

Widow’s Peak has embarked on a cross-Canada tour with a number of opening acts. Some of which are touring with them for certain legs of the trek and some local opening bands.

widow's peak

The particular show I went to in order to podcast with the band was in Kamloops with local bands Burn It All and Nomad opening. Nomad’s vocalist Dylan having been on a recent podcast during AMF. I had been here before back in March when Wolfheart was passing through and met up with Taylor Pottle who is also promoted and organized this show.

I had the day off of work (this doesn’t happen often) and went up mid afternoon. In the car that I have it doesn’t even feel like driving so the 2 hour road trip isn’t a problem at all. It was a real pleasure meeting up with both bands at the Blue Grotto which in itself is a neat venue to visit.

anomalism soccer
A little soccer outside The Blue Grotto

After the bands (Anomalism and Widow’s Peak) rolled in from their Nelson, BC show they quickly unloaded their gear before having a little parking lot BBQ.

widow's peak
BBQing with Widow’s Peak

The day after (Friday) Widow’s Peak and Anomalism made their way to Kelowna to play at The Post along with Death Machine and Exterminatus. The latter playing their first show ever in Kelowna. I ended my day at 8:00pm after a 12 hour shift and ripped from work to the metal show. Naturally I did stop at home first to throw on my Anomalism shirt.

Burn It All (Kamloops, BC) – metal

I had never heard of Burn It All before. Saw their name on the poster for Kamloops. From there I found my way to their Facebook page where they have some jam sessions. Honestly I don’t quite remember what the music was like at the time I watched their videos. So this quickly turned into one of those sets where I don’t know what to expect.

Burn It All has this style similar to Evanescence. The songs sound structured like rock songs with Amber singing in a sort of style similar to Amy Lee but almost gives me a more doom or traditional heavy metal style. There were a lot of riffs that sounded like a Kittie crossover. Kinda like a nu-metal/heavy metal style.

This ended up being a really great set by a new band hailing from Kamloops. I got the opportunity to catch up a little with Burn It All after I had arrived in Kamloops and they were really great people. They informed they that they were involved somehow with a podcast that comes out of Kamloops. I’ll have to dig a bit deeper and find out more about that one.

They had a long set which I found out later was only about half the songs they’ve written. I also caught up with Travis later who says they are recording their first release too. It’ll be great to listen to and get a chance to record a podcast with them when the material is ready.

Check them out on Facebook for some jam session material.

When you gotta go you gotta go

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to spend at the show in Kamloops and I had to leave shortly after Burn It All’s set. This meant I had to completely miss Nomad’s set which totally bummed me out as I really feel like they slap hard and put on a wicked good set.

I did get a chance to say hi to Dylan and Bretton. Dylan, of course, made it out the next day to the Kelowna show so it was nice to catch up with him for a short while there. I was quite tired after the trip to Kamloops and then work but I highly enjoyed myself and would easily do this back to back shows again!

Death Machine (Kelowna, BC) – Okanagan death metal

I arrived 2 songs into their set so I jumped right in and recorded some footage of these boys. They really appreciate the exposure and it will continue to come my friends!

Death Machine is one busy band. They’ve been touring, writing and (hopefully) recording a lot this year. If you have been coming out to the shows you’d easily be able to tell that they’ve gotten tighter since the spring.

Dylan had to take a break from the band due to work and Tanner Benedict as per this Facebook post:

Tanner is 14 years old and destroying it in a death metal band! This young man is extremely talented and has such a bright future. I really hope we get to see more of him in Death Machine and any other bands he happens to be creative with.

Death Machine sounded tight af with their groovy intense tech death metal. The songs are insane. How they switch tempos mid section by speeding up the riffs is just insane. Listening to the music just blows me away. Honestly, I think back to all the metal bands I have enjoyed in the past. Hypocrisy, Bloodbath, Opeth (earlier stuff), Arch Enemy. It all amazed me back when I started listening to metal. Especially shit like Penetralia and Arch Enemy’s Wages of Sin. These days some of these bands just blow that shit out of the water.

Support Death Machine

These boys don’t have much material out but give it a chance and help support these awesome guys.


Anomalism has entered the tour

Joining Widow’s Peak on this particular leg of the tour is Anomalism. Hailing from Winnipeg they hit us real hard on their debut EP Parasitic Spawn. Released in January 2019 this tech death EP hits with some devastating riffs, rhythms and the odd melody.


Mike Palmer’s vocals spew out over a mix of tech death and brutal traditional death metal riffs. Some extremely intense and interesting material especially on my personal favorite tracks Cryptosphere and the title track Parasitic Spawn.

Listening to debut material like this just leaves me to wonder how it was even possible to completely enjoy the metal of the 80’s and 90’s. When I go back and listen it just seems so much less entertaining to listen to. This could be a reason why I am always pushing forward to find new material I have never heard before. Metal just keeps getting better!


I had spent some time reading the lyrics and getting to know the kick ass music. It really is this intense tech death(core-ish) music that kicks a lot of ass. There is just enough of an old school vibe to make the songs come across as refreshing without the continuous onslaught of tech death. The lyrics and artwork of the shirts and album come off with that fictional look most deathcore bands have. I’m loving it. As a huge fan of sci-fi or high fantasy this band really appeals to me.

We may have gotten together to record a short podcast in Kamloops but ultimately I ended up missing their set in Kamloops. Fortunately I did not in Kelowna and it was such a great time! The intensity was unmatched by any other three piece I’m yet to see on the stage.

Support Anomalism


Exterminatus (Vancouver, BC) – Technical death metal

They Exterminatus cause they ain’t us. I recently watched The Interview again.


These boys slap HARD. It was their first show in Kelowna and they put out. The crowd was deeply into it. The pit was going insane with Josh Reaver in there marching around like Jotunn.

The sound of Exterminatus hits hard and is relentless. Even in the instrumental parts like the intro to The Great Attractor is heavy af. Max’s drumming is extremely interesting to listen to and watching this song live is something else. Unlike some tech bands that go hard which each song and don’t quite have that quality that makes it memorable. I can say that Exterminatus has some very unique riffs and fills that make the songs memorable and actually rather easy to pick out of the bunch.


My interest is at an all time peak with these guys so I’m quite excited to see what they put out next after this. At the very least they need to come play Kelowna again. Their Facebook page reads no upcoming gigs. Let’s bring Exterminatus back again!

We were supposed to meet up at AMF and things fell through due to unforeseen mix-ups. So instead of recording a podcast (which we will do eventually!!) we did a written interview to help give the band some promotion.

Exterminatus at AMF

I found some lost footage of Exterminatus perfroming The A.R.C. at AMF. Watch below!

Support Exterminatus


Widow’s Peak coming to melt your face

What these boys offer on their debut EP Graceless and in their live show is utterly and disgustingly fantastic. The moment you hit play and Debt Collector kicks in you know you’re in for a slamming time. Matt Yeomans’ vocals are full of range and add a texture to the music that feels unmatched by bands that are at similar stages in their careers.

Chris McCrimmon and Scott Cressman supply the sweeps, technical, and sometimes melodic riffs. With the odd power cord and tremolo picking to help manifest the downright destructive atmosphere.

Graceless is a onslaught of sound from beginning to end that no tech death fan should skip. You hear that! Don’t even consider scrolling past their social media post. Click that shit and enjoy!

Sadly I didn’t get to see Widow’s Peak play at all either Thursday or Friday night. Which is a shame cause I loved their set at AMF and it would have been a pleasure to experience them again.

Widow’s Peak destroys AMF

You know what is awesome? I found some AMF footage and one of the videos just happened to be Widow’s Peak!

Widow’s Peak just happened to destroy the stage at Armstrong Metalfest this summer as well. Like there was no stage left and they had to cancel the rest of the festival after they left it a smoldering crater. Okay so maybe that didn’t happen but it SOUNDED like it did. The dudes were also supposed to meet up for a podcast episode which they DID for a bit but we were so busy in conversation with Thomas from Sentinels that we didn’t get to chat a whole lot about the band.

That’s basically why I went all the way to Kamloops to meet up with these awesome dudes.

Support Widow’s Peak


Widow’s Peak tour

Take the chance to come out and see these guys play on one of their dates. Widow’s Peak are currently on their cross-Canada tour and there are so many dates that there is bound to be one close to you!

Widow's Peak tour

Also touring with Detherous who were on the podcast earlier this year letting us know about their new album Hacked to Death which should be out on the 16th. They play an old school style of death metal in the vein of Death and Obituary.

Wrapping up another week

This was an intense week of metal in the Okanagan giving us yet another reason to be a metalhead. It’s a great time to be in the scene and it’s a real pleasure coming out and meeting everyone every week and covering this amazing scene.

There are a few more shows scheduled over the next few months:

August 8th: Orator with Hallux and Dominus Nox @ Muninn’s Post
August 14th: The Hallowed Catharsis with Death Machine and No Faith In Fortune @ Blue Grotto in Kamloops
August 17th: Truent with Apollyon and Liberatia @ Muninn’s Post
August 18th: The Hallowed Catharsis with Technical Damage and No Faith In Fortune @ Muninn’s Post

Please take some time to come out to the shows, hang out with the awesome community and experience some rather kick ass bands!

Headcrusher Crushing Kelowna

Headcrusher, hailing from Colombia and later Texas, made their last stop on their tour a crushing one here in Kelowna. Warming up the crowd (and like they needed it after AMF!) was local start-up band Pharm and The Unending.

Pharm (Kelowna, BC) – hard rock/metal

These young talented dudes slapped out a set to warm up Muninn’s Friday night. The crowd definitely didn’t need warming up. The place was buzzing with energy following last weekend’s Armstrong Metalfest (podcast episode 1 and episode 2). I had seen the band name show up a number of times in my FB feed but hadn’t had a chance to see them live yet. My understanding was that this was their second ever live show? Someone can correct me on that if I got it wrong!

pharm at muninn's post

Their fusion of proggy rock/metal is a refreshing sound that really got everyone into the show. It was super exciting to see. There were a lot of people at Muninn’s Post from the get go and it seemed like the majority was really digging the set they threw down.

The band was really into it too. I got a chance to meet up with Matt before and after their set and he seemed like a really motivated guy really into what he was doing. On stage, damn the guy wouldn’t stop moving! He was really loving it up there and put on a really good show. The whole band did not just him alone!

The Unending (Kelowna, BC) – extreme metal

These guys are sick! Seriously. They’ve played a half dozen times this year and my work schedule has allowed me to only attend two shows. The first show was back when I was still testing stuff out for this blog and Friday. Since then they seemed to have grown in popularity. There were a lot of people present and highly enjoying the show.

headcrusher kelowna

The Unending t-shirt was available at the merch table (which now I’m realizing I should’ve taken a picture of it). Whether they sold out or not I don’t know buuuut there sure were a lot of fans wearing the shirts by the end of the night!

Tyler and the boys’ songs are fucking killer. This groovy melodic death metal fusion shit just slaps and the band has only gotten tighter as the year has progressed. The first time I saw them I recorded almost the entire set and put it up on my personal YouTube channel. Wow, now that I look back at it I have a whole bunch of videos there. One day I will get some time to move them over to MaM.

Unfortunately The Unending doesn’t have any recorded material so I cannot share a stream here. Check out their Facebook page, follow them to find out when their next shows are and please try to make it out. It’s a blast when these guys play and you need to come out and throw down with them!

Headcrusher (Columbia and Austin, Texas) – deathcore

The last show on their tour. Coming all the way from Columbia and Texas. These guys ripped hard!

So before the show I had booked a podcast interview with them and as an international act it would have been a great episode to record. So many questions and (I am sure) stories to tell about what it is like being an international band. These members are from all over the place.

Unfortunately the Okanagan Tattoo Show (an early sponsor) was taking place on the weekend and our equipment was being utilized else where. I do promise to have these guys back on the show no matter if they come to BC or I need to hunt them down else where on Earth!

Damn did these guys slam hard. They gave it all for their last show and sounded just as tight as their album material that I had been listening to on Bandcamp.

What’s really amazing is that we can get these out of town bands coming through Kelowna. But wait, not only that. Also that lots of people come out to support and have a great time! I was really excited to see Headcrusher and was definitely not disappointed one bit.

Support Headcrusher


See you at the next show because we know you’re coming to it!!

Kelowna Suffers Centuries of Decay

Centuries of Decay
Centuries of Decay playing at Muninn’s Post

Centuries of Decay eroded Kelowna down to nothing Saturday night. Two shows in a week again! Opening this show was Kelowna’s own DropDeadFred and (also from Ontario) Tortured Saint. They passed through Kelowna during their Odyssey to the West Tour which covered Western Canada including the upcoming Armstrong Metalfest with whom we recently did a podcast with.

centuries of decay tour poster

It has been a bit since I had gotten out to see everyone. Truly it would be great to get out more often but there is a lot on my plate at almost all times. Also my friend Lasse from Finland was spending his last night in Canada during the show. At the previous show we were at (Striker, Lost Nebula, and ArkenFire) he took some video from the lights and sound table which turned out very well. So I figured I’d give it a shot and see how the footage turned out. You be the judge and let me know. There is always room for improvement and I’m open for suggestions!

Lasse having a beer at Muninn's Post
Lasse having a beer at Muninn’s Post

This actually takes me back all the way to one of the first shows I covered (and still one of my favorite. Fucking love Enterprise Earth) where I was practicing taking footage from different angles to see how it all turned out in the end.

It’s sad that my friend had to return to Finland but fear not he will most likely make it back this way sometime in the future for more of the beautiful Okanagan and more metal shows. He has been listening to the podcast since the beginning with our Death Machine conversation and was very surprised with how passionate the metal scene is here. A very tight-nit group of all ages of people and types of personalities. Word is spreading about just how awesome the Kelowna scene is!

I miss him dearly already!

DropDeadFred (Kelowna, BC) – Deathcore

DropDeadFred performed their second gig in a short time, at least that I have attended, and again put on a stellar set of groovy deathcore. They again played a mix of older material and a new song or two which sounded much tighter than at the last show. Hats off to them for putting on a great show and warming up the crowd that turned out.

Yes Kole is daring enough to perform barefooted. The soles of his feet must be leather.

Check them out below. They have a single EP out right now and their live show is a real treat. Show some love for this great group of guys and support them.

Support DropDeadFred


Tortured Saint (London, ONT) – Deathcore

It’s coming out to local shows and not fully knowing all the bands playing that make something like this extra special. Leading up to Tortured Saints‘ set I had only heard one song. Lasse and I found them on Spotify and gave a single song a listen just for a taste. Knowing Centuries of Decay and DropDeadFred already it was easy to tell that these guys completely fit the bill and would most likely put on a killer show.

Well to see how it went watch the video for the song Infernal that I took during their set. The atmosphere is awesome. Jereme standing on that box that lit up was great. Having him stand over the crowd belching out his lyrics felt menacing and completely fitting to the entire experience.

It is the experience of the whole show that has me looking forward to them and coming back. Performers who take the time to make sure we are entertained to the maximum. Now there doesn’t have to be any kind of gimmicks. In some cases just the had gestures of the vocalist, the positioning of the members or even the facial expressions can do it. With so many people watching and enjoying everyone is focused, watching or concentrated on a different part of the show.

Support Tortured Saint


Centuries of Decay (Toronto, ONT) – Progressive death metal

What a surprise act this is! These fellows won the Wacken Battle of the Bands Canada last year and played a 20 minute set at one of Europe’s biggest metal festival. So when they announced coming to town I just had to be there and see these guys first hand.

Yes it is totally worth it. They played a tight set consisting of (most of the) material from their debut self-titled album. Still as an unsigned band I have a feeling this won’t be long until they are scooped up by a label to produce some really killer material.

I highly recommend people spend some time with their debut album. Fans of more progressive death/extreme metal won’t be disappointed. It truly is hard to give these guys a genre but their influences are so vast that it seems only natural they would produce a unique sound all of their own.

These dudes are playing Armstrong Metalfest on the Friday night this weekend. Fans coming to the festival will NOT want to miss their set. It’ll be a great one for sure.

Support Centuries of Decay


One Final Note

On a final note it was great to have Centuries of Decay stop by Kelowna to play for us. It is unfortunate that the turn out was rather small but this could be expected though with the headliner also playing the biggest metal fest in the province less than a week later. Centuries of Decay is worth seeing more than once. Hell to tell the truth any band is! Understandably people have to pick and choose which shows they attend.

Next up is the Armstrong Metalfest. A two day festival taking place on the local fair grounds of Armstrong. To celebrate their 10th year the festival organizers have some really awesome bands lined up. Be sure to listen to the podcast episode we did with the organizers for more information on the history of the festival and what to expect this year. Some of the bands on the bill have already guested on Metal as Medicine: Death Machine, Apollyon, and Odinfist.