Kelowna Suffers Centuries of Decay

Centuries of Decay
Centuries of Decay playing at Muninn’s Post

Centuries of Decay eroded Kelowna down to nothing Saturday night. Two shows in a week again! Opening this show was Kelowna’s own DropDeadFred and (also from Ontario) Tortured Saint. They passed through Kelowna during their Odyssey to the West Tour which covered Western Canada including the upcoming Armstrong Metalfest with whom we recently did a podcast with.

centuries of decay tour poster

It has been a bit since I had gotten out to see everyone. Truly it would be great to get out more often but there is a lot on my plate at almost all times. Also my friend Lasse from Finland was spending his last night in Canada during the show. At the previous show we were at (Striker, Lost Nebula, and ArkenFire) he took some video from the lights and sound table which turned out very well. So I figured I’d give it a shot and see how the footage turned out. You be the judge and let me know. There is always room for improvement and I’m open for suggestions!

Lasse having a beer at Muninn's Post
Lasse having a beer at Muninn’s Post

This actually takes me back all the way to one of the first shows I covered (and still one of my favorite. Fucking love Enterprise Earth) where I was practicing taking footage from different angles to see how it all turned out in the end.

It’s sad that my friend had to return to Finland but fear not he will most likely make it back this way sometime in the future for more of the beautiful Okanagan and more metal shows. He has been listening to the podcast since the beginning with our Death Machine conversation and was very surprised with how passionate the metal scene is here. A very tight-nit group of all ages of people and types of personalities. Word is spreading about just how awesome the Kelowna scene is!

I miss him dearly already!

DropDeadFred (Kelowna, BC) – Deathcore

DropDeadFred performed their second gig in a short time, at least that I have attended, and again put on a stellar set of groovy deathcore. They again played a mix of older material and a new song or two which sounded much tighter than at the last show. Hats off to them for putting on a great show and warming up the crowd that turned out.

Yes Kole is daring enough to perform barefooted. The soles of his feet must be leather.

Check them out below. They have a single EP out right now and their live show is a real treat. Show some love for this great group of guys and support them.

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Tortured Saint (London, ONT) – Deathcore

It’s coming out to local shows and not fully knowing all the bands playing that make something like this extra special. Leading up to Tortured Saints‘ set I had only heard one song. Lasse and I found them on Spotify and gave a single song a listen just for a taste. Knowing Centuries of Decay and DropDeadFred already it was easy to tell that these guys completely fit the bill and would most likely put on a killer show.

Well to see how it went watch the video for the song Infernal that I took during their set. The atmosphere is awesome. Jereme standing on that box that lit up was great. Having him stand over the crowd belching out his lyrics felt menacing and completely fitting to the entire experience.

It is the experience of the whole show that has me looking forward to them and coming back. Performers who take the time to make sure we are entertained to the maximum. Now there doesn’t have to be any kind of gimmicks. In some cases just the had gestures of the vocalist, the positioning of the members or even the facial expressions can do it. With so many people watching and enjoying everyone is focused, watching or concentrated on a different part of the show.

Support Tortured Saint


Centuries of Decay (Toronto, ONT) – Progressive death metal

What a surprise act this is! These fellows won the Wacken Battle of the Bands Canada last year and played a 20 minute set at one of Europe’s biggest metal festival. So when they announced coming to town I just had to be there and see these guys first hand.

Yes it is totally worth it. They played a tight set consisting of (most of the) material from their debut self-titled album. Still as an unsigned band I have a feeling this won’t be long until they are scooped up by a label to produce some really killer material.

I highly recommend people spend some time with their debut album. Fans of more progressive death/extreme metal won’t be disappointed. It truly is hard to give these guys a genre but their influences are so vast that it seems only natural they would produce a unique sound all of their own.

These dudes are playing Armstrong Metalfest on the Friday night this weekend. Fans coming to the festival will NOT want to miss their set. It’ll be a great one for sure.

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One Final Note

On a final note it was great to have Centuries of Decay stop by Kelowna to play for us. It is unfortunate that the turn out was rather small but this could be expected though with the headliner also playing the biggest metal fest in the province less than a week later. Centuries of Decay is worth seeing more than once. Hell to tell the truth any band is! Understandably people have to pick and choose which shows they attend.

Next up is the Armstrong Metalfest. A two day festival taking place on the local fair grounds of Armstrong. To celebrate their 10th year the festival organizers have some really awesome bands lined up. Be sure to listen to the podcast episode we did with the organizers for more information on the history of the festival and what to expect this year. Some of the bands on the bill have already guested on Metal as Medicine: Death Machine, Apollyon, and Odinfist.

Striker, Lost Nebula and ArkenFire in Kelowna

striker kelowna

Last night Edmonton’s Striker came through Kelowna looking for a stage to shred up and they definitely found it! For a Tuesday night in July Muninn’s was packed full of metalheads headbanging along to the likes of ArkenFire, Lost Nebula and Striker.

Lasse at Muninn's Post

My good friend Lasse (from Finland) came out to his first show and visit to Muninn’s Post. He has been following the podcast since the beginning and during his trip he had been waiting to see what The Post is all about. Let’s just say he was really surprised by the metal scene here and what we had to offer. Something he figures they should have in Finland as well since most metal bars there have apparently closed down leaving just regular bars for metalheads and bands to gather at.

When people from outside of the area come and complement us on what we have here then we really have something super amazing and special going on in the Okanagan!

ArkenFire (Kelowna, BC) – Power/heavy metal

ArkenFire once again had a fantastic performance with some old songs off their EP Celestial Beasts and some new tunes they have been perfecting for an upcoming album. Time to put the heads down and get to it. These news songs are sounding stellar and there are probably a lot of fans waiting for a new album. I am for one!

Arkenfire kelowna
Jacob performing vocals

Jacob and the boys really put so much effort and passion into each song during each performance. Come out to Muninn’s during their next show to and show some support. Let them know how great they are. These and all artists appreciate it when they know their art is loved by people.

Enough talk about Luke and Leia’s forbidden love! Let’s get that new album out!

Arkenfire kelowna

Support ArkenFire

Lost Nebula (Hermosillo, Mexico) – Progressive metal/rock

It is always fun to have bands from other countries to stop by The Post and play for us. I was unsure what to expect from Lost Nebula. Again a band that I didn’t listen to before hand and the idea of progressive metal/rock can always be really fucking good or not.

This is another huge surprise to me! I wasn’t sure how into it I was during the first song or two but as I moved forward to the front of the stage and actually watched them… wow! They really impressed me! Harry Gonzalez’s bass playing absolutely stood out. The intensity, riffs, through in solos and licks. This group gave it their all and I loved it!

Support Lost Nebula

Striker (Edmonton, AB) – Heavy metal

striker kelowna

The Striker Kelowna show seemed to be one that a lot of people were looking forward to. It had been mentioned to me a few times and so I knew it was not one to miss. Traditional heavy metal isn’t really my forte but damn if I didn’t have a great time! All the metalheads in town that love their metal in the vein of 80’s heavy (or glam maybe) should have been in their element. Rightfully so I could see many in the front row headbanging away.

Striker has been around for a number of years and have put out a number of albums even on Napalm Records. Hailing from Edmonton it really feels to me like a lot of really awesome bands are coming from that area. And from different genres too. It feels to me like there isn’t a limitation to what kind of metal is developing in different areas. Lots of awesome stuff coming from everywhere.

Support Striker

They don’t seem to have their latest album on their Bandcamp but their website and Spotify has links to their new album! They were even giving away their new album for free with a ticket purchase.

Thanks and bye!

In conclusion this was another great night with my fellow metalheads out at The Post. Thanks for reading my thoughts and please take some time to consider supporting these bands and any other you find on the website and podcast!

Plaguebringer West Coast Tour Raises Diabolos

It’s been a busy time for me so I didn’t get a chance to build the template for the Plaguebringer west coast tour show that took place Monday at Muninn’s Post. After the Numenorean show things got a little hectic in the personal life. Nothing too insane or bad in anyway but still kept me from working on the blog portion of Metal as Medicine. Not that a few days later is late by any means but it seems like the business doesn’t have much of an end in sight at the moment.

plaguebringer west coast tour

Plaguebringer and Protosequence stopped in Kelowna Monday evening to perform the second show on their tour taking them down the west coast of North America. Opening for them were Wasted Heretics and Detherous both of whom were on their own tour to create a meeting of the bands in Kelowna.

As with all bands coming through town I listen to them to familiarize myself with the music (if they are bands I hadn’t heard before) so I know the songs to expect and it just makes for a more enjoyable experience for myself. I knew this was going to be a hell of a show. I really enjoy the Plaguebringer album Diabolos (can’t believe it is their first!), Protosequence has this awesome not restrained to genre death metal, (the recently signed) Detherous with their old school death metal and Wasted Heretics the young but devastating melodeath band.

Yes it does seem like I pump up these bands a lot that come through town but damn if they don’t actually kick ass. The conversation comes up quite often between the local metalheads that metal nowadays isn’t anything like what it used to be. This isn’t in some derogatory, “damn kids these days”, kinda way. This is in the way of metal was very unique throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s it was fresh and new but also very simple. Bathory arguably the creators of black metal and then Viking metal were very simple on their best albums (or even all) even more so to say Slayer too.

Nowadays compare it to any of the metal bands we have going on locally (or check the YouTube channel) and as young as they are they are educated musically and metally as well as technical and talented as fuck IN THEIR YOUNG AGES.

So yes when I get excited about bands coming through it has a lot of backing to it.

Wasted Heretics (Saskatoon, Sk) – melodic death metal

There isn’t much to be found about Wasted Heretics. As some sort of self proclaimed internet detective (or just loser who sits online 24/7 lol) I’ve uncovered very little for this young band. That is common with opening acts that roll through town and starting groups. BUT DAMN IF THEY DID PLAY SO GOOD.

wasted heretics live in kelowna

They describe themselves on their Bandcamp page as a “melodic death metal band that refuses to be confined by the typical boundaries of death metal”. Which 100% would normally be a restraint that some metalheads would expect especially when you say “oh they are a melodeath band” or whatever genre you label it. There is groove, there is intense death inspired riffs, melodic sections, blast beats. There really isn’t any constraints at all.

Most definitely the standout performance was the vocals provided by Michael Pichula the range on him makes him a fucking beast. Also the drumming by Carly Brown was fantastic. It was a pleasure watching her perform.

Support Wasted Heretics


Detherous (Calgary, AB) – death metal

Recently signed to Redefining Darkness Records death metallers Detherous are back in Kelowna for another round to hack Muninn’s Post to death. They are currently on their own tour with Wasted Heretics in support of their upcoming album Hacked to Death out on August 16th.

detherous live in kelowna

Take some time to listen to their music because damn if it isn’t some old school shit. They aren’t joking around either when they say each song is pretty much about dying or hacking something/one up.

I sat down with them to discuss a bit of their history and the upcoming album. These dudes are fantastic people and have the best intentions in just sharing their creativity and music with the fine metalheads of the world.

Support Detherous


Protosequence (progressive death metal) – Edmonton, AB

Having listened to their new single a number of times and loving it I was quite excited to see Protosequence live. One thing I won’t do before seeing a band perform is watch live footage (if I can help it). It’s always a surprise to see how they perform their music and what kind of show and experience they put on for the crowd.

protosequence live in kelowna

This is one band I definitely am glad I have not seen footage of. These guys had an awesome show and the vocal performance by Josh Hahn. It’s like if Roberto Trujillo became some kinda insane crab-being Decapodian vocalist.

Support Protosequence


Plaguebringer (blackened death metal) – Calgary, AB

So I have been listening to their debut album Diabolos for a few months now and the more I listened to it the more excited I got to see them live. Having said that I am notorious for leaving early and not actually staying to see much more than a song or two of the headlining band. Which can be shitty of my early tiredness because sometimes there are bands that I am really looking forward to seeing.

These guys were not disappointing from the get go and leaves me proud of myself for sticking around. It was so good that I wanted to stick around to see at least half. Which I did! Not much of an accomplishment but at least it was something.

It felt like these guys nailed every damn song they played. That’s from my recollection of course. Actually from that comes the thought that they were playing, what felt like, one continuous song for the first 3-4 of them. Like every song continued almost immediately after the other. Naturally that could be the late night blur.

There is a lot of fucking good metal coming out of Alberta recently. Plaguebringer is no exception. Just listen to that first song Maleficarvm. The band is “blackened death metal” but don’t let that fool you. There is a shit tonne of technicality to it as well. A relentless attack. My only gripe with the show is the same with any other band that has atmospheric synths or keyboard work. There is no keyboardist!

Support Plaguebringer


Numenorean In Kelowna

Black metal ruled the night hosted by Numenorean in Kelowna. In support of their new album Adore the band made a stop on their way down to Vancouver to play the Modified Ghost Festival. It was nice Jesse and Siobhan to get them booked for a show as there was a lot of love and support for the post-black metal act from Edmonton. Arctos (Edmonton), Svneatr (Vancouver) and Indecipherable Noise (Peachland) all provided amazing support.

I had spoken with Brendan from Svneatr before hand about recording a podcast and he eagerly agreed. So before the show I sat down at the round table with all four members of the black metal band and we had a great time discussing the band and joking around. That episode should be coming in the next week or so. Stay tuned for that one!

Numenorean in Kelowna

Indecipherable Noise (Kelowna, BC) – instrumental progressive metal

These guys are sounding real tight. There has been a show or two since I last saw them perform but I can say that they have gotten much tighter sounding and put on a great last night.

Support Indecipherable Noise


Svneatr (Vancouver, BC) – black metal

Their debut album The Howl, The Whisper, The Hunt has been on my playlist since I found them. A blend of atmospheric type black metal with some Darkthrone worship (there is nothing wrong at all about this!!) makes for an entertaining album in my books.

Svneatr in Kelowna with Numenorean

A fellow metalhead who makes the trek down from Vernon for shows introduced me to Svneatr. From there Brendan and I began following each other on Twitter and finally after finding out about their show in Kelowna got together for the podcast.

The band was nice enough to allow me to share a new song of theirs called Lavender:

Support Svneatr


Arctos (Edmonton, BC) – melodic black metal

Super fucking intense black metal! Holy shit. Really that’s the first thought that comes to mind while thinking about their set last night. I felt some real Dissection or Naglfar influence in their sound both during the show and on the 2017 EP A Spire Silent.

Arctos in Kelowna with Numenorean

They played some new material which they said was from an upcoming album. I’m pretty stoked on that. They’ve got some good shit going on so far.

Support Arctos


Numenorean (Edmonton, BC) – post-black metal

Their sophomore album Adore came out in mid-April and has been a staple in my weekly listens since. It’s got some amazing atmosphere and, if it can be said, catchy songs that pull me in when I listen with my headphones. So having a chance to see Numenorean in Kelowna live is really something else.

This whole post-black metal movement that’s been going on the last few years has really pulled me in thanks to this new album. I hope these guys come back again soon. In fact all the bands. This was a great night for metal and thus the world.

Support Numenorean


Thanks for making it this far through the blog! If you enjoyed any of these bands through the recordings or video please consider supporting them! Get out to the shows and show some love for all our amazing metal bands.

Odinfist Release Party

ODINFIST RELEASE PARTY! Time to get our groove on at Muninn’s Post! Odinfist made the trek from Armstrong to Kelowna this past weekend to throw a big party with us in celebration of the release of their fifth album Let the Gods Decide.

Support came from Eden Echo (Kelowna), Orchestry (Vancouver), and groove metallers League of Corruption (Vancouver).

Eden Echo (Kelowna) – melodic metal

Honesty is a thing I always strive for with this blog and life in general. That previous sentence may think some deep philosophical analyzation is incoming but no it is just about the genre of Eden Echo. Honestly I still have no idea how to describe this band. Melodic metal is about the closest I can come up with.

eden echo at odinfist release party

Their set consisted of songs from their new EP Kingdom in the Shadow. So because of this I didn’t take any video has I believe I have already recorded most of the songs from it at other shows. Instead I took the chance to see how their performance has developed over time. They seem to be loosening up on stage and having more fun. The music is sounding so much tighter and I do believe the next show I see them play at I’ll record some footage for comparison of their stage show and sound.

odinfist release party eden echo band

These guys deserve tons of love and support and the fans really show it. So please take some time to listen to their music and consider donating to them by purchasing their album!

Support Eden Echo:
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Orchestry (Vancouver, BC) – progressive metal

This was my surprise act that evening. First it was completely unknown what was coming. Orchestry doesn’t have much info online, videos, etc. Just a few clips that I could find and no studio recordings to stream (that I could find). DAMN did they impress me with their Dream Theater style of progressive metal. Lots of instrumental moments, solos, licks, arpeggios, riffs like you wouldn’t believe. There was also hints of Devin Townsend here and there in some of the melodies and solos.

orchestry at muninn's post for odinfist release party

It would be a pleasure to experience Orchestry live again but with their keyboardist present. They performed with a tracking off a laptop of their keyboard parts. If you look on their Facebook page (if you dare, Facebook is shit) there is a clip of them performing Broken Mirror with a live keyboardist. So we know they exist!

Even after a roughly 40 minute set I was itching to hear more. I took the initiative to contact them on Facebook about any kind of studio recordings. If anyone knows whether they have any or not please contact me. They have to record eventually and get their great sound out there!

League of Corruption (Vancouver, BC) – groove metal

League of Corruption is another band that I just cannot find online for the life of me. Even their Metal Archives page doesn’t have any releases listed. There were three songs on their Myspace page which seems all of them were part of the millions of songs lost by them earlier this year.

These guys are about crushing beers and playing metal which is great because their style of groove metal (to something of the likes of Pantera) was pretty spot on. The crowd was into it and there were some that new the words to a few songs it seemed. My back was bothering me so I had to sit down for most the set to give it a rest.

The video won’t embed so here is a link to their song I recorded:

Odinfist (Armstrong, BC) – power/thrash metal

Because we did sit down and talk about the album before the show for the podcast episode so it had me extra excited to see them play. Their stage show is full of energy as Jesse is jumping around playing his bass. He really gets into it and has a great time on the stage. Tyler sings just as great as in the studio as they played through their first two tracks to open the show.

I did have to leave early due to work in the morning (and a double at that) so unfortunately I didn’t get to see the entire show. They did mention during the discussion that they were playing songs from all five of their albums.

Their style of thrashy power/heavy metal is just the kind I like (keyboards are awesome too!) so I’ve been highly enjoying all their releases. There new album Let the Gods Decide is probably their best yet. I’m anxiously awaiting for them to upload it to their Bandcamp page not only to be able to purchase and support them but also to read the lyrics for the story. See our podcast episode for the explanation of what the story is about.

odinfist release party

I’ve been listening to Let the Gods Decide while writing this blog post and now there is nothing more I’d want to see than Odinfist play the entire album live. That would be a great show. Hell have a stage show at the same time acting out the story. At least the next time they play I’ll get to see the entire set. Fingers crossed. At Armstrong Metal Fest in July.

Support Odinfist: