Okanagan Disintegration 2019 Day 1

Kelowna was given time to prepare themselves for Okanagan Disintegration 2019 but were they truly ready? It was a gathering of Okanagan metalheads at Muninn’s Post for the first iteration of the festival. Huge success? YES. IN DEED IT WAS. Will there be more? Damn straight there will be! There better be!

okanagan disintegration 2019
Okanagan metalheads outside Muninn’s Post (Photo by Logan Pay)

The showcasing of the best metal bands from the Okanagan including a few out of town gems. But who are the real stars? The bands or the community coming out to band together and show support for local metal?

Okanagan disintegration 2019
It’s about the scene and community we build (Photo by Logan Pay)

In my word they are both equally as important. We would not have one without the other. The scene couldn’t be as vibrant as it is without the bands and the bands wouldn’t be so eager to continue on without the huge support.

okanagan disintegration 2019
Photo by Logan Pay

For me this is the pinnacle moment of an amazing year. The last hooray before hunkering down for the winter and working on what the future will bring.

Friday night metal

The night kicked off with our lads in Eden Echo bringing their progressive metal to the stage for all the early comers. As a warm up band they have always done a great job engaging the fans and it has been a pleasure watching them improve over the last year.

Unfortunately one of Eli’s strings broke during the set which caused some improv to complete their set. These kind of things are going to happen from time to time and in fact it wasn’t the only string to break during the first night. This meant they had to switch up their last song and ended up not performing Mortal Wordsmith (my personal favorite). You can see back from the fist

Check them out on Spotify! We have an Eden Echo playlist our YouTube channel too.

Tyler Lawrence and his crew have spent much time under the flag The Unending perfecting some really awesome songs. With the different bands and style of metal floating around Kelowna it’s easy to say that The Unending has a level of energy unique from all the others. Tyler is a hell of a front man for the band and an overall down to Earth great guy. We’ve previously covered The Unending when they’ve opened for headcrusher and earlier this year with Truent and Technical Damage.

The Unending okanagan disintegration 2019
The Unending (photo by Logan Pay)

The Unending unfortunately does not have any recorded material to share online but we do have a YouTube playlist to enjoy!

Enter power metal with Thousand Arrows

thousand arrows okanagan disintegration
Thousand Arrows (Photo by Logan Pay)

The first out of town band to play at Okanagan Disintegration 2019. This is, as I would find out later, the first show of the band outside of the lower mainland. Having never listened to Thousand Arrows before I was pleasantly surprised to such a great thrashy power metal style with some real epic solos. It reminded me quite a bit of the likes of power metal acts such as Seven Kingdoms, Delain, 3 Inches of Blood, and naturally Unleash the Archers all rolled into one. Maybe even a little Amberian Dawn but minus all the keyboards.

thousand arrows okanagan disintegration
Photo by Logan Pay

The music was very interesting to listen to and the instrumental and solo sections by Eijaz and Colton were a lot of fun. Both in watching and they appeared to be having a great time on stage.


Kelowna’s own heavy/power metal act ArkenFire played their last Kelowna show of the year. These boys always bring it with their nerd-fueled metal which totally kicks ass!

ArkenFire okanagan disintegration 2019
ArkenFire (photo by Logan Pay)

Jacob’s vocals sounded very good, Netto always with the bright grin on his face and Millan, Randy and Ian moving around and having fun throughout the set. Long sentence! Fewf. I’m really excited to hear what ArkenFire creates next.

Jacob (photo by Logan Pay)

The Prison of Belief

blackwater burial okanagan disintegration 2019
Blackwater Burial (photo by Logan Pay)

Blackwater Burial slaps HARD. This album is still my AOTY main contender with their album being our first album discussion video on our YouTube channel. Their live show is just as brutal and technical as their debut album.

blackwater burial

This was my most anticipated set of the weekend and naturally Eli and the boys did not disappoint. The live show complements the studio recordings so well that it is something you don’t want to miss.

Each member of the band plays a unique and important roll in completing their sound. Everyone brought their best and it really showed.

Day 1 summary

Photo by Logan Pay

The first day was a huge success. I mean, the entire festival was a huge success before it even began with it being sold out and all. It is really amazing to see such a small place as Muninn’s Post jammed full of so many metalheads.

It showcased many of the bands we have here in the Okanagan and beyond. The lineup may not have been as heavy and intense as day 2 was lining up to be but the talent was in abundance. For myself the stand out performance was Blackwater Burial. They brought it hard as they always seem to do. We will be rounding up day 2 shortly so stay tuned!

Apprentice and Greyhawk Power Up Kelowna

Vancouver’s progressive power/melodeath Apprentice in Kelowna at Muninn’s Post Saturday night. Along with them for the ride out was heavy metallers Greyhawk coming up from Seattle for their first show ever in Kelowna.

We recorded podcast episode 25 the week leading up to the show so Richard and myself recorded some videos where we discussed both Apprentice’s debut album and Greyhawk’s EP. Naturally it would be a great opportunity to sit down with one of the bands and discuss their album, live show, the band blah blah. Discuss the usual stuff that goes into making a good podcast episode!

So we did. Apprentice joined us in our first video recorded podcast! So go ahead and enjoy the podcast episode as you journey through this experience we have created before you!

Apprentice in Kelowna

As always this was a great time. I’m really looking forward to the new album(s) being worked on and it may be a little time before we hear from these guys again especially around these parts. But I do feel the next time we see Apprentice in Kelowna they will have some awesome new material to put forth for us. Having said that the set was really amazing and they ended up playing their entire debut album along with a new song. It doesn’t make for a lot of ground to cover but hot damn they did a wicked good job of pulling it off.

Greyhawk already sounded killer on their debut EP which blended everything awesome about 80’s metal into one solid record. It was something else to see them play these songs live and just shred the hell out of The Post.

Yo-Yo tricks by Joey Hockin

Apprentice in Kelowna was selling branded yo-yos because Joey is quite the talented yo-yoer himself! He gladly showed off his skills for us and now for the rest of the Internet too!

Support Apprentice


Greyhawk shreds and you know it!

Man these guys are serious shredders. In our album video for Ride Out Richard and I discussed in depth why these guys are good and exactly what they bring with their EP. Seeing them live hands down is so much better than what you hear on the album. Dueling guitars, shredding solos, fantastic live vocals (and show) by Rev Taylor.

I am looking forward to seeing what they can do with more time in the studio and a full-length album. Richard and I had a little chat with them before the show and they have some fantastic themes and wicked influences that should mash together into a really fine album of 80’s styled metal.

Support Greyhawk

Take a moment to support these awesome “homage to the 80’s” metallers! Seriously, the show they put on is incredible.

The Hallowed Catharsis Tour Leaves No Remains

The Hallow Catharsis tour made it’s last stop in Kelowna Sunday night. The Summer Explosion tour made it’s way through BC and Alberta with support from No Faith in Fortune, Bushwacker (on select dates) and Technical Damage joining in the total destruction of Kelowna.

The Hallowed Catharsis Tour

No Faith in Fortune (Post-Metalcore) – Vancouver, BC

no faith in fortune

Super interesting! I had never heard NFIF before nor knew much about them beyond them being on the bill. I thought they had a really interesting set and loved the fact that they had a keyboardist on stage with them.

Vocalist Matty Toth put on an interactive show having him down on the floor with the crowd. Now whether he does that at shows to be in among the crowd or the fact that Muninn’s has a smaller stage. Unknown to me! We’ll have to talk about it when/if we have them on the show eventually!

Their album EP Designing Yesterday was released in May and really hits hard with some quite intense moments such as the track Dead Possessions.

Support No Faith in Fortune


Technical Damage (Vancouver, BC) – groove/metalcore/metal

Technical Damage I had seen earlier this year when they were here with Truent. Funny that they are then playing the same weekend in Kelowna (just different nights). They also have a groove similar in ways to Truent only with more of a groove/metalcore sound.

When the intense moments kick in they are not when expected and really give a kick in the ass. Their album The Introspect has some progression to the music. Each song takes you through a progression of sections that flow together so well to the ears. There are catchy moments you least expect with sudden changes in the verse sections that groovely well.

This second video is one I took back in mid-March and have it uploaded to my personal YouTube channel for whatever reason:

Support Technical Damage


The Hallowed Catharsis (Vancouver, BC) – progressive death metal

Ah yes, The Hallowed Catharsis tour. The whole reason we are here. These guys SLAP HARD and put on such a great show. At this particular gig each metalhead there participated in their own way in moshing, cheering, headbanging away. What an incredible sight to see.

This live footage we streamed on Facebook will give an example of just how intense it was. The quality isn’t good as it was streaming over the LTE network and not a secure ethernet connection. What is important is we captured what it is like to be at a show on The Hallowed Catharsis tour to help motivate even more people to come out to the show and experience this!

We also captured this song which still has a title that is unknown to us. Hopefully we will learn soon but I couldn’t find it on any of their current releases.

Seriously though, these are some of the coolest dudes. Sean (vocalist) hung out with us after the show and it was a really nice time talking with him and learning more about the band and the people behind the creative music.

Check out their latest single below. Well worth the listen and throw them a couple of bucks too! The support is much appreciated and goes a long way.

Support The Hallowed Catharsis


Thanks for making it to the end of the page! We have some really amazing stuff in the pipeline that will surprise a lot of people so please stay tuned!

Until then we have some shows coming up in September including:

Seax, Warsenal, Hyperia, LunAttack and Eden Echo on September 6th at Muninn’s Post. Eden Echo having been on the podcast previously with lots of good footage of these talented guys.

Apprentice, Greyhawk and Pharm on September 14th also at Muninn’s Post. Pharm footage here!

Truent’s Tour Ending Kelowna Date

Truent’s tour ended in Kelowna with support from Liberatia and Apollyon

Truent in Kelowna! They made it! The last stop on their tour and believe me when I say Kelowna is definitely the place to do that. Why? Cause that’s what everyone says. You’ll understand better after attending a banger of a show like we saw this weekend (two to be exact). The community is thriving, people are coming out, the metal is loud and intense, the musicians talented af.

Last time they were here was way back when Metal as Medicine was just starting out and here we are some half year later covering them again! Back at that point in time I had no idea who anyone was and felt a little awkward coming in and covering the community has it was. Like some kinda outsider. Now I am an insider?

Truent in Kelowna

The boys rolled into town with Liberatia from their Prince George stop the night before. Psyched and ready to go Spencer and I sat down to record a podcast episode (which I promise is coming very soon!). It was a blast learning about the ins and outs of the band and I’m looking forward to sharing the experience. But in this case it’s all about the music and live show right now. So let’s carry on shall we?!

Liberatia (Courtney, BC) – thrash/death metal

After seeing them at Armstrong Metalfest last month I was very excited to experience the set up close and personal. Boy did these lads deliver.

Liberatia in Kelowna

We sure hope you like crabcore because it’s finally making a comeback. It has only been 9 years or so but Liberatia knows what’s up!! If anyone understands it is definitely them.

Liberatia crabcore
Crabcore 2019.

If you like thrashy death metal from the Island. Well, shit, it can be from anywhere really that doesn’t matter. Then check these guys out and show them some support. Throw them a few bucks on their Bandcamp to show some love.

Support Liberatia


Apollyon (Kelowna, BC) – blackened death metal

What is there not to say about these guys? They have some really killer tracks. Extreme intensity and a mixture of old school death metal with a blackened touch. Matt’s vocals are devastating and his presence on stage is far different from anyone else. We can sum it all up in a meme:

meme here

Apollyon Kelowna

Eventually Matt will turn around. This guy moves so much up there that I have a hard time getting good shots with my phone.

Apollyon Kelowna

They have been working hard on new material and as I am randomly recording songs of the bands I’ve managed to get Wretched Grandiose and Nightmaker twice each now. There is nothing wrong with that. This gives visitors a chance to see the band from different angles and settings as well as gives the band the ability to watch themselves and learn/grow!

Support Apollyon


Truent (Vancouver, BC) – groove/thrash metal

Truent in Kelowna! What an original sound these guys have. The riffs and licks have some real personality and the melodies are distinct in sound. These guys groove hard and it damn well shows on stage.

Above is even a brand new song that isn’t released yet. It’s damn good and these boys put on a tight show.

Truent in Kelowna

Once the band is grooving on stage I seem to find this groovy rhythm to bounce my head along to. It is contagious as you can see so many others doing the same thing.

truent in kelowna

So please give these guys a moment of your time and if you like what you see and hear please consider coming out to their show and/or showing support through their Bandcamp!

Support Truent


This was a blast of a show with lots of familiar faces to the scene out enjoying the metal. It’s so much fun being part of this because it truly feels like a giant family. Each member gets along with the other and they bring their unique skills to the community. If you have some way you can contribute please drop us a line and we’ll see where you can fit in! We are always looking for more volunteers!

See all you fellow metalheads at the next show!!

Orator Tour With Dominus Nox and Hallux

orator tour

Seattle death metallers Orator toured through Kelowna last Thursday in support of their EP Kallipolis which was released last July. At the time they were on tour with Dominus Nox a blackened death metal act from Portland, Oregon and Hallux (black/thrash metal from Vancouver, BC)

Hallux (Vancouver, BC) – black/thrash metal

I had never heard of Hallux before seeing their show. The music was different from the other bands on the set. I’d say it got progressively more death metal. These guys have that black’n’roll crust style of black metal which can be harder to describe the sound of but sort of an Abbath type. I wouldn’t say this is war metal or full black metal but it has the influence.


Randy, the master of stage production, wasn’t on had that evening so unfortunately there was no light show. Results of my pictures turned out rather poor. This is of course only taken with a Google Pixel 2 XL so these were never anything professional to begin with. Only to capture the bands and atmosphere of the shows.

I captured two videos as well which didn’t turn out the best. Music and atmosphere wise they turned out very well just not the quality of the video. It is most definitely all about the music and live experience!

Hats off to Hallux for playing their hearts out at this sparsely attended show. They put in their all and those who attended were sure to buy merch to make their trip worth while!

I do recommend purchasing their music on their Bandcamp which you can listen to their newest release below.

Support Hallux


Dominus Nox (Portland, OR) – blackened death metal

Dominus Nox really intrigued me during the podscast recording and I really enjoyed hearing the opinions and POVs of Phelan and Lovejoy. Their live music and performance was really a great surprised. Then listening to their material on Bandcamp after was fantastic too and I am definitely sold on them. What a surprise!

Dominus Nox

Their style of blackened death metal isn’t unlike early Behemoth or Dissection with that Scandinavian influence in their sound. The fact they sing about Warhammer 40k is awesome too. It isn’t an universe I have spent much time with but I am well aware of what it is and it is very metal indeed.

I’ll be following the band as they release their trilogy of EPs and beyond. Their newest single Gal Vorbak has some real old school styled blackened death riffs in it and has some really sweet artwork as well. It shows growth in the band from their debut EP and the possibility of some really awesome material in the near future.

Which replicated well on the t-shirt. It actually looked really nice. Take some time to check them out below and consider supporting them!

Support Dominus Nox


Orator (Seattle, WA) – tech/blackened death metal

I wouldn’t call Orator completely tech death metal. Their debut EP Kallipolis has a broad range of death metal styles throughout it. That makes it really fresh for the ears to hear the difference between songs. There are a lot of interludes, intros and outros.

Unfortunately I had to leave and didn’t get a chance to see them on their Orator tour. So I didn’t get any photos or videos. But we did record the podcast! Which was a great time and I really appreciate them taking the time to do it with me! Hopefully they’ll be back in Kelowna and I’ll get a chance to record some of their material.

Support Orator


Let’s sum it all up

Thanks for the bands taking their time to record the podcast episode and perform for the few people that showed up. That was really disappointing. Even the weekend before drew out so many people that I thought for sure there would be more at this show.

This coming weekend we are seeing the return of Truent along with Apollyon (playing their second last Kelowna show this year!) and Liberatia. That Saturday night show will be a great show to come out to.

But that’s not all! We also have The Hallowed Catharsis (THC), Technical Damage and No Faith In Fortune on the Sunday night. Yes. Two shows this weekend. That very well could be a contributing factor into the lack of people coming out to this one.