Podcast Episode 28 – The Nothing

After a two week break we are back with more album reviews in this The Nothing podcast! As usual we take on some bigger releases and smaller more local bands too. Korn released their new album The Nothing along with As I Lay Dying having a new release. So we go through them! Locally we have the deathcore act Angelmaker hitting us real hard with their self-titled sophomore release and progressive rock/metallers Orchestry with their (also) self-titled debut album.

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Korn – The Nothing Podcast

Korn has a history of being one of those bands to release some great material in the past but always up for debate whether they’ve stayed true to themselves or not. Love them or hate them everyone has developed an opinion over time and we are not unlike.

This new album comes hot off the passing of Jonathan Davis’ mother and wife who passed away within months of each other. That leaves this album with Jonathan pouring his soul into the lyrics and vocal performance. In a way he hasn’t done in a very long time. The nothing podcast goes in depth here so have no fear. We got you covered!

Orchestry – Self-titled

Vancouver’s own prog metal Orchestry is here with their self-titled album. This act impressed me when they were in Kelowna earlier this year for the Odinfist release party and so it was a real pleasure to listen to the album and discuss it with Richard. Check them out on Bandcamp and show some support!

As I Lay Dying

Having never listened to this album I found it a real pleasure to go through. Surprising in just how much I enjoyed this release. I’m not a huge fan of metalcore though I do feel myself warming up to it especially having to go through a few really decent releases recently.


Angelmaker slaps hard. This deathcore band from North Vancouver know how to bring it. They are loud and heavy. So just deal with it! We are proud to have such talent from a local area like British Columbia. Follow this band cause not only does this release kick ass but most likely their future albums will too. Head over to their Bandcamp and show some love!

Greyhawk – Ride Out Album Discussion

Our neighbors from the south have produced yet another traditional heavy metal band! Greyhawk Ride Out review is here and kicking it 80’s style. Another release from last year that we are going over here but that doesn’t mean anything. My favorite saying, there is no such thing as old music just music you’ve never heard before. Yeah, if you are a continuous listener of the podcast I am sure you’ve heard that saying before and it won’t be the last time.

Greyhawk Ride Out Review

greyhawk ride out review

This review comes on the heels of our Apprentice album discussion which both come before their show here in Kelowna.

Hailing from Seattle these traditional metallers really wear their influences on their sleeves. Judas Priest, Dio, Manowar, there are so many influences heard here that it is hard not to enjoy this EP. For me it is Rev Taylor’s vocals that really stand out. His range is fantastic and should translate very well on the stage during the live experience.

The title track with its screaming solo, catchy chorus, fun melodic interlude and great outro all add up to a killer track. The skill level is high with these dudes. They do have a little bit of experience behind them to help reach this level with the bass player Darin Wall bringing lots of known experience with him to the band.

I’m really looking forward to seeing these guys shred on stage. I’m not deep into traditional heavy metal but I do highly enjoy and appreciate it. There is one thing I know about the genre is the bands that are nested in it always put on a great show.

Support Greyhawk


Now you’ve watched our Greyhawk Ride Out review video and read the little bit I added here. Maybe checked out some of their links. It’s time to listen to the EP below and throw them a few bucks in support!

Apprentice – The Strength of Mortality Album Discussion

Apprentice Review

Welcome to our Apprentice review of their album The Strength of Mortality. As I sit here with a cup of black coffee while listening to this album again for the first time since our recording I can truly say this is a real treat of an album. It has that raw energy and atmosphere of a new band. With that tho is so many styles and techniques that they sound like a well established band who are demoing out some new material.

The search for the familiarity continues. I still can’t quite place the vocal styles on whatever other band it was that Eric reminds me of. Either way the transitions from melodic to intense moments is great. The continuous melodies throughout the songs with the change in octave or smooth transition to a new melody is great and well enjoyed by myself and Richard. I’d also like to add that I enjoy listening to the more thrashier parts as the riff is continued but with a guitar melody over top. Top notch stuff with such potential of killer material in the future.

Apprentice review

The artwork is fantastic too. It was done by Everardo Sanchez which from a quick DuckDuckGo search I couldn’t find much about. If anyone out there knows more about his artwork could they drop me a line? It would be nice to see more by him.

This is their first full length album and third release listed on Metal Archives. The first two being a live EP and a studio EP both with the same songs (one extra on the studio EP). Both of which appear on the full length album as Order 66 and Desecrated Miranda.

Support Apprentice

Apprentice review

Apprentice is coming to Kelowna this weekend (September 14) and that would be a great time, for those readers and listeners from the Okanagan, to come out and show some support. Buy some merchandise and allow these boys the opportunity to tour more and write/record more material.

If you can’t come out you can show some love to the band by purchasing their album and EP on their Bandcamp page.

Illyrian – The Entity, Unknown Album Discussion

This album slaps hard. It was a huge surprise for me to listen to this. I wasn’t sure what to expect leading into this as thrash metal isn’t my go to genre at all. Having said that when I do listen to the genre I always find myself having so much fun and really getting into the album or band that I am listening to. Illyrian is no different. It reminds me of the new West of Hell album (we even had Chris the Heathen on the podcast back in April) which is a fantastic ripper or the new Invicta album Halls of Extinction which is also a fantastic thrashy metal album.

illyrian the entity unknown

I’d really like to mention here just how awesome to solos are. Some are scaling shred-fests and some are slower and more melodic. Either way they are extremely impressive! It’s amazing that a band can only be on their second release and put out such a strong effort. Stand out solos for me include the closing title track The Entity, Unknown. It’s one of my favorite things to have the closing track of an album have a stand out moment. Be it the catchiest song, a ripping solo that pushes the skill level of the band or a unique song/track to close it out. Well, unless it’s one of those 10 minute droning tracks or a black metal ambient track. No thanks. I’ve even made some in the past and nowadays wouldn’t dream of it again if I were to go ahead and make more music.

Album Discussion: Detherous and Blackwater Burial

In our first ever video podcast Richard and Erik discuss their thoughts on two new and extremely hot albums by Detherous and Blackwater Burial. This was a test run we did for future video content we have planned. It turned out so well that we decided it would be best to share it with the community!

Detherous and Blackwater Burial

Detherous and Blackwater Burial, both albums are brutal in their own ways. One is influenced straight up from old school death and thrash metal the other rips and tears your face off with tech death with a sprinkle of melodic death here and there. Which one do you like and why? Let us know!

Detherous – Hacked to Death

detherous review

Detherous was on the podcast earlier this year when they toured through Kelowna in support of this album which was finally released! The tour may have been well ahead of release but they put on such a great show and their music so memorable that the album’s release wasn’t left forgotten. In fact highly anticipated by a number of fans here in British Columbia and I am sure even more out in Alberta and further beyond.

This album truly rips. By carrying their 80’s influences on their sleeves Hacked to Death sounds like a freshing take on death metal as bands nowadays attempt to have high quality releases. The rawness gives off a fantastic live atmosphere on the album and whether they recorded it on the floor as a band or tracked doesn’t matter. They pulled this off so well! This will be on my playlist for a long time to come and the band will definitely be one to follow for years to come.

Support Detherous

The above video is their title track song live at Muninn’s Post. This was taken back when they played with Plaguebringer. Below you can listen to the album and support the band by purchasing the digital version! This may not get you a physical copy of the album but the band gets supported and that is most important!

Blackwater Burial – The Prison of Belief

You ever get that feeling that current belief systems are a prison and we should be allowed to freely think how we will? The title of Blackwater Burial’s debut album sure has us feeling that way.

This sucker slaps beyond belief. Each song attempts and succeeds to rip your face right off your skull. Whether the riffs be technical sweeping or grinding tremolo melodeath-ish this group of guys bring it hard. The clean intros of Existential Crisis and Cerebral Peptides are breaths of fresh air as the fuzzed distorted guitars drag you back into this tech death ripper.

Honestly there is so much to love about this album. When Eli’s vocals kick in and I’m attempting to listen to what the lyrical content is I always get distracted by the catchy tech riffs and intense drumming. Also I haven’t been able to find lyrics online so I still haven’t had a chance to understand exactly the concepts being conveyed but I’ll get there. There is just so much interesting work going on here that it’s hard to stay focused on a single element as it is to enjoy the songs and album as a whole.

Serious shout out to the instrumental end to Existential Crisis and solo on 2 0’s. Both parts are as equally fantastic as they are different.

Support Blackwater Burial

Blackwater Burial has not played in Kelowna since Metal as Medicine began operations so we unfortunately do not have any live footage to share. That will soon change as they are playing Okanagan Disintegration 2019 on October 11th at Muninn’s Post. We recommend you to purchase tickets ahead of time and come see them play. What we have seen looks fantastic and it’s going to be a helluva show!

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