Greyhawk – Ride Out Album Discussion

Our neighbors from the south have produced yet another traditional heavy metal band! Greyhawk Ride Out review is here and kicking it 80’s style. Another release from last year that we are going over here but that doesn’t mean anything. My favorite saying, there is no such thing as old music just music you’ve never heard before. Yeah, if you are a continuous listener of the podcast I am sure you’ve heard that saying before and it won’t be the last time.

Greyhawk Ride Out Review

greyhawk ride out review

This review comes on the heels of our Apprentice album discussion which both come before their show here in Kelowna.

Hailing from Seattle these traditional metallers really wear their influences on their sleeves. Judas Priest, Dio, Manowar, there are so many influences heard here that it is hard not to enjoy this EP. For me it is Rev Taylor’s vocals that really stand out. His range is fantastic and should translate very well on the stage during the live experience.

The title track with its screaming solo, catchy chorus, fun melodic interlude and great outro all add up to a killer track. The skill level is high with these dudes. They do have a little bit of experience behind them to help reach this level with the bass player Darin Wall bringing lots of known experience with him to the band.

I’m really looking forward to seeing these guys shred on stage. I’m not deep into traditional heavy metal but I do highly enjoy and appreciate it. There is one thing I know about the genre is the bands that are nested in it always put on a great show.

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Now you’ve watched our Greyhawk Ride Out review video and read the little bit I added here. Maybe checked out some of their links. It’s time to listen to the EP below and throw them a few bucks in support!