Apprentice – The Strength of Mortality Album Discussion

apprentice review

Apprentice Review

Welcome to our Apprentice review of their album The Strength of Mortality. As I sit here with a cup of black coffee while listening to this album again for the first time since our recording I can truly say this is a real treat of an album. It has that raw energy and atmosphere of a new band. With that tho is so many styles and techniques that they sound like a well established band who are demoing out some new material.

The search for the familiarity continues. I still can’t quite place the vocal styles on whatever other band it was that Eric reminds me of. Either way the transitions from melodic to intense moments is great. The continuous melodies throughout the songs with the change in octave or smooth transition to a new melody is great and well enjoyed by myself and Richard. I’d also like to add that I enjoy listening to the more thrashier parts as the riff is continued but with a guitar melody over top. Top notch stuff with such potential of killer material in the future.

Apprentice review

The artwork is fantastic too. It was done by Everardo Sanchez which from a quick DuckDuckGo search I couldn’t find much about. If anyone out there knows more about his artwork could they drop me a line? It would be nice to see more by him.

This is their first full length album and third release listed on Metal Archives. The first two being a live EP and a studio EP both with the same songs (one extra on the studio EP). Both of which appear on the full length album as Order 66 and Desecrated Miranda.

Support Apprentice

Apprentice review

Apprentice is coming to Kelowna this weekend (September 14) and that would be a great time, for those readers and listeners from the Okanagan, to come out and show some support. Buy some merchandise and allow these boys the opportunity to tour more and write/record more material.

If you can’t come out you can show some love to the band by purchasing their album and EP on their Bandcamp page.