Illyrian – The Entity, Unknown Album Discussion

This album slaps hard. It was a huge surprise for me to listen to this. I wasn’t sure what to expect leading into this as thrash metal isn’t my go to genre at all. Having said that when I do listen to the genre I always find myself having so much fun and really getting into the album or band that I am listening to. Illyrian is no different. It reminds me of the new West of Hell album (we even had Chris the Heathen on the podcast back in April) which is a fantastic ripper or the new Invicta album Halls of Extinction which is also a fantastic thrashy metal album.

illyrian the entity unknown

I’d really like to mention here just how awesome to solos are. Some are scaling shred-fests and some are slower and more melodic. Either way they are extremely impressive! It’s amazing that a band can only be on their second release and put out such a strong effort. Stand out solos for me include the closing title track The Entity, Unknown. It’s one of my favorite things to have the closing track of an album have a stand out moment. Be it the catchiest song, a ripping solo that pushes the skill level of the band or a unique song/track to close it out. Well, unless it’s one of those 10 minute droning tracks or a black metal ambient track. No thanks. I’ve even made some in the past and nowadays wouldn’t dream of it again if I were to go ahead and make more music.