The Hallowed Catharsis Tour Leaves No Remains

The Hallow Catharsis tour made it’s last stop in Kelowna Sunday night. The Summer Explosion tour made it’s way through BC and Alberta with support from No Faith in Fortune, Bushwacker (on select dates) and Technical Damage joining in the total destruction of Kelowna.

The Hallowed Catharsis Tour

No Faith in Fortune (Post-Metalcore) – Vancouver, BC

no faith in fortune

Super interesting! I had never heard NFIF before nor knew much about them beyond them being on the bill. I thought they had a really interesting set and loved the fact that they had a keyboardist on stage with them.

Vocalist Matty Toth put on an interactive show having him down on the floor with the crowd. Now whether he does that at shows to be in among the crowd or the fact that Muninn’s has a smaller stage. Unknown to me! We’ll have to talk about it when/if we have them on the show eventually!

Their album EP Designing Yesterday was released in May and really hits hard with some quite intense moments such as the track Dead Possessions.

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Technical Damage (Vancouver, BC) – groove/metalcore/metal

Technical Damage I had seen earlier this year when they were here with Truent. Funny that they are then playing the same weekend in Kelowna (just different nights). They also have a groove similar in ways to Truent only with more of a groove/metalcore sound.

When the intense moments kick in they are not when expected and really give a kick in the ass. Their album The Introspect has some progression to the music. Each song takes you through a progression of sections that flow together so well to the ears. There are catchy moments you least expect with sudden changes in the verse sections that groovely well.

This second video is one I took back in mid-March and have it uploaded to my personal YouTube channel for whatever reason:

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The Hallowed Catharsis (Vancouver, BC) – progressive death metal

Ah yes, The Hallowed Catharsis tour. The whole reason we are here. These guys SLAP HARD and put on such a great show. At this particular gig each metalhead there participated in their own way in moshing, cheering, headbanging away. What an incredible sight to see.

This live footage we streamed on Facebook will give an example of just how intense it was. The quality isn’t good as it was streaming over the LTE network and not a secure ethernet connection. What is important is we captured what it is like to be at a show on The Hallowed Catharsis tour to help motivate even more people to come out to the show and experience this!

We also captured this song which still has a title that is unknown to us. Hopefully we will learn soon but I couldn’t find it on any of their current releases.

Seriously though, these are some of the coolest dudes. Sean (vocalist) hung out with us after the show and it was a really nice time talking with him and learning more about the band and the people behind the creative music.

Check out their latest single below. Well worth the listen and throw them a couple of bucks too! The support is much appreciated and goes a long way.

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Thanks for making it to the end of the page! We have some really amazing stuff in the pipeline that will surprise a lot of people so please stay tuned!

Until then we have some shows coming up in September including:

Seax, Warsenal, Hyperia, LunAttack and Eden Echo on September 6th at Muninn’s Post. Eden Echo having been on the podcast previously with lots of good footage of these talented guys.

Apprentice, Greyhawk and Pharm on September 14th also at Muninn’s Post. Pharm footage here!