Podcast Episode 23: We Know You’re Out There

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Our last guests hail from Vancouver, BC and slap us hard with their intoxicating groove/thrash metal. Truent’s Spencer McIntosh and Nic Landry join us in Kelowna to converse about their Western Canada tour, the inner workings of the band, dank memes and what the future holds of Truent!

Richard MacKenzie (Skull Hammer) also sat in for his first recording with Metal as Medicine! We are so pleased to have him as part of the team and he will bring some fantastic skills as we expand this community further and deeper into the Internet.

These Vancouver boys hit hard with their catchy riffs and infectious hooks. The unique style reminds me a lot of early 90’s groove metal with a death touch to it. Strapping Young Lad vibes too to be honest. Spencer is a really great guy and I had a lot of fun talking with him.

Dank Truent memes

As we slowly unleash the British Columbia metal community to the Internet that means I’ve been ramping up on the memes. This was by far the dankest ever and if you ever want to attempt to make memes JUST START DOING IT. Similar to any other skill the more you practice the better you’ll get. Then you’ll realize that it is actually a lot of fun and won’t be able to stop.

Shout out to Sienna Brie Nyberg and Majestic Mayhem for the photo!

Truent’s set was sick as hell which is absolutely not unusual. They were showcased here back when the podcast first started and Saturday night was no different.

We are looking forward to what Spencer, Nic and the rest of the lads have in store with us. Their new track The Wendigo slaps hard with a different slightly more aggressive take than previous songs. This shows great progress and a bright upcoming future for Truent!

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