Orator Tour With Dominus Nox and Hallux

orator tour

Seattle death metallers Orator toured through Kelowna last Thursday in support of their EP Kallipolis which was released last July. At the time they were on tour with Dominus Nox a blackened death metal act from Portland, Oregon and Hallux (black/thrash metal from Vancouver, BC)

Hallux (Vancouver, BC) – black/thrash metal

I had never heard of Hallux before seeing their show. The music was different from the other bands on the set. I’d say it got progressively more death metal. These guys have that black’n’roll crust style of black metal which can be harder to describe the sound of but sort of an Abbath type. I wouldn’t say this is war metal or full black metal but it has the influence.


Randy, the master of stage production, wasn’t on had that evening so unfortunately there was no light show. Results of my pictures turned out rather poor. This is of course only taken with a Google Pixel 2 XL so these were never anything professional to begin with. Only to capture the bands and atmosphere of the shows.

I captured two videos as well which didn’t turn out the best. Music and atmosphere wise they turned out very well just not the quality of the video. It is most definitely all about the music and live experience!

Hats off to Hallux for playing their hearts out at this sparsely attended show. They put in their all and those who attended were sure to buy merch to make their trip worth while!

I do recommend purchasing their music on their Bandcamp which you can listen to their newest release below.

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Dominus Nox (Portland, OR) – blackened death metal

Dominus Nox really intrigued me during the podscast recording and I really enjoyed hearing the opinions and POVs of Phelan and Lovejoy. Their live music and performance was really a great surprised. Then listening to their material on Bandcamp after was fantastic too and I am definitely sold on them. What a surprise!

Dominus Nox

Their style of blackened death metal isn’t unlike early Behemoth or Dissection with that Scandinavian influence in their sound. The fact they sing about Warhammer 40k is awesome too. It isn’t an universe I have spent much time with but I am well aware of what it is and it is very metal indeed.

I’ll be following the band as they release their trilogy of EPs and beyond. Their newest single Gal Vorbak has some real old school styled blackened death riffs in it and has some really sweet artwork as well. It shows growth in the band from their debut EP and the possibility of some really awesome material in the near future.

Which replicated well on the t-shirt. It actually looked really nice. Take some time to check them out below and consider supporting them!

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Orator (Seattle, WA) – tech/blackened death metal

I wouldn’t call Orator completely tech death metal. Their debut EP Kallipolis has a broad range of death metal styles throughout it. That makes it really fresh for the ears to hear the difference between songs. There are a lot of interludes, intros and outros.

Unfortunately I had to leave and didn’t get a chance to see them on their Orator tour. So I didn’t get any photos or videos. But we did record the podcast! Which was a great time and I really appreciate them taking the time to do it with me! Hopefully they’ll be back in Kelowna and I’ll get a chance to record some of their material.

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Let’s sum it all up

Thanks for the bands taking their time to record the podcast episode and perform for the few people that showed up. That was really disappointing. Even the weekend before drew out so many people that I thought for sure there would be more at this show.

This coming weekend we are seeing the return of Truent along with Apollyon (playing their second last Kelowna show this year!) and Liberatia. That Saturday night show will be a great show to come out to.

But that’s not all! We also have The Hallowed Catharsis (THC), Technical Damage and No Faith In Fortune on the Sunday night. Yes. Two shows this weekend. That very well could be a contributing factor into the lack of people coming out to this one.