Podcast Episode 21: Parasitic Spawn

Hailing from Winnipeg the tech death band Anomalism sits down to discuss the band, their debut EP Parasitic Spawn and what it is like to be on the road touring for the first time. Not only that but first time in British Columbia too! Enjoy the Anomalism podcast!

This episode also covers the shows that took place on Thursday in Kamloops and Friday in Kelowna. Please see that blog post for more information and videos.

Anomalism podcast

Joining Widow’s Peak on the Alberta and BC leg of the cross-country tour Anomalism comes spreading their disgusting tech death. Disgusting in the best way ever. The EP is crushing and the live experience is so well executed that it’s only a matter of time before these boys are putting out a crushing full length album.

By the time of the airing of this episode the boys are back on the road home and scheduled to play a few shows around Manitoba. Good luck to Mike, Josh and Nigel! It was a real pleasure meeting you and getting to know the band. We’ll catch up again in the future!

Live footage

I didn’t stick around to see Anomalism play in Kamloops due to the 2 hour drive home and work in the morning. The Kelowna show was a real pleasure though and damn did this guys bring it! It does make me wish I stayed for both performances as the experience was fantastic. Unfortunately if I want to be able to bring metal to the internet I do need to regulate myself.

This is the opening track to their debut EP Parasitic Spawn (it is linked below so you can start listening as soon as the podcast ends!). Not only is it a real banger but the entire EP is top notch.

This one is so new it doesn’t even have a title yet. The best part of the popularity of the internet is that as soon as you have something new you WANT TO PUSH IT OUT THERE so you can create a bigger buzz and excitement for what you’re doing. I always encourage bands to do this because the more consistent you are with new content the more popular you will get!

Anyways, enough of my ranting I sure hope you enjoyed the music!

Support Anomalism

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