Truent’s Tour Ending Kelowna Date

Truent’s tour ended in Kelowna with support from Liberatia and Apollyon

Truent in Kelowna! They made it! The last stop on their tour and believe me when I say Kelowna is definitely the place to do that. Why? Cause that’s what everyone says. You’ll understand better after attending a banger of a show like we saw this weekend (two to be exact). The community is thriving, people are coming out, the metal is loud and intense, the musicians talented af.

Last time they were here was way back when Metal as Medicine was just starting out and here we are some half year later covering them again! Back at that point in time I had no idea who anyone was and felt a little awkward coming in and covering the community has it was. Like some kinda outsider. Now I am an insider?

Truent in Kelowna

The boys rolled into town with Liberatia from their Prince George stop the night before. Psyched and ready to go Spencer and I sat down to record a podcast episode (which I promise is coming very soon!). It was a blast learning about the ins and outs of the band and I’m looking forward to sharing the experience. But in this case it’s all about the music and live show right now. So let’s carry on shall we?!

Liberatia (Courtney, BC) – thrash/death metal

After seeing them at Armstrong Metalfest last month I was very excited to experience the set up close and personal. Boy did these lads deliver.

Liberatia in Kelowna

We sure hope you like crabcore because it’s finally making a comeback. It has only been 9 years or so but Liberatia knows what’s up!! If anyone understands it is definitely them.

Liberatia crabcore
Crabcore 2019.

If you like thrashy death metal from the Island. Well, shit, it can be from anywhere really that doesn’t matter. Then check these guys out and show them some support. Throw them a few bucks on their Bandcamp to show some love.

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Apollyon (Kelowna, BC) – blackened death metal

What is there not to say about these guys? They have some really killer tracks. Extreme intensity and a mixture of old school death metal with a blackened touch. Matt’s vocals are devastating and his presence on stage is far different from anyone else. We can sum it all up in a meme:

meme here

Apollyon Kelowna

Eventually Matt will turn around. This guy moves so much up there that I have a hard time getting good shots with my phone.

Apollyon Kelowna

They have been working hard on new material and as I am randomly recording songs of the bands I’ve managed to get Wretched Grandiose and Nightmaker twice each now. There is nothing wrong with that. This gives visitors a chance to see the band from different angles and settings as well as gives the band the ability to watch themselves and learn/grow!

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Truent (Vancouver, BC) – groove/thrash metal

Truent in Kelowna! What an original sound these guys have. The riffs and licks have some real personality and the melodies are distinct in sound. These guys groove hard and it damn well shows on stage.

Above is even a brand new song that isn’t released yet. It’s damn good and these boys put on a tight show.

Truent in Kelowna

Once the band is grooving on stage I seem to find this groovy rhythm to bounce my head along to. It is contagious as you can see so many others doing the same thing.

truent in kelowna

So please give these guys a moment of your time and if you like what you see and hear please consider coming out to their show and/or showing support through their Bandcamp!

Support Truent


This was a blast of a show with lots of familiar faces to the scene out enjoying the metal. It’s so much fun being part of this because it truly feels like a giant family. Each member gets along with the other and they bring their unique skills to the community. If you have some way you can contribute please drop us a line and we’ll see where you can fit in! We are always looking for more volunteers!

See all you fellow metalheads at the next show!!

Podcast Episode 22: Orator and Dominus Nox

Orator Dominus Nox podcast

A dual episode with the Orator and Dominus Nox podcast. One blackened death metal the other tech death, touring together and covering lots of topics in this podcast episode. What brings people to the metal scene and why does it go in waves? Even with venue issues this wave of the scene could be here to stay. It was really fun getting the perspectives of the bigger metal scene from Washington and Portland. I highly enjoyed this conversation and am one firmly to believe that the metal scene we have right now is here to stay!

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Coming up this weekend we have Truent and The Hallowed Catharsis visiting town.

Orator Tour With Dominus Nox and Hallux

orator tour

Seattle death metallers Orator toured through Kelowna last Thursday in support of their EP Kallipolis which was released last July. At the time they were on tour with Dominus Nox a blackened death metal act from Portland, Oregon and Hallux (black/thrash metal from Vancouver, BC)

Hallux (Vancouver, BC) – black/thrash metal

I had never heard of Hallux before seeing their show. The music was different from the other bands on the set. I’d say it got progressively more death metal. These guys have that black’n’roll crust style of black metal which can be harder to describe the sound of but sort of an Abbath type. I wouldn’t say this is war metal or full black metal but it has the influence.


Randy, the master of stage production, wasn’t on had that evening so unfortunately there was no light show. Results of my pictures turned out rather poor. This is of course only taken with a Google Pixel 2 XL so these were never anything professional to begin with. Only to capture the bands and atmosphere of the shows.

I captured two videos as well which didn’t turn out the best. Music and atmosphere wise they turned out very well just not the quality of the video. It is most definitely all about the music and live experience!

Hats off to Hallux for playing their hearts out at this sparsely attended show. They put in their all and those who attended were sure to buy merch to make their trip worth while!

I do recommend purchasing their music on their Bandcamp which you can listen to their newest release below.

Support Hallux


Dominus Nox (Portland, OR) – blackened death metal

Dominus Nox really intrigued me during the podscast recording and I really enjoyed hearing the opinions and POVs of Phelan and Lovejoy. Their live music and performance was really a great surprised. Then listening to their material on Bandcamp after was fantastic too and I am definitely sold on them. What a surprise!

Dominus Nox

Their style of blackened death metal isn’t unlike early Behemoth or Dissection with that Scandinavian influence in their sound. The fact they sing about Warhammer 40k is awesome too. It isn’t an universe I have spent much time with but I am well aware of what it is and it is very metal indeed.

I’ll be following the band as they release their trilogy of EPs and beyond. Their newest single Gal Vorbak has some real old school styled blackened death riffs in it and has some really sweet artwork as well. It shows growth in the band from their debut EP and the possibility of some really awesome material in the near future.

Which replicated well on the t-shirt. It actually looked really nice. Take some time to check them out below and consider supporting them!

Support Dominus Nox


Orator (Seattle, WA) – tech/blackened death metal

I wouldn’t call Orator completely tech death metal. Their debut EP Kallipolis has a broad range of death metal styles throughout it. That makes it really fresh for the ears to hear the difference between songs. There are a lot of interludes, intros and outros.

Unfortunately I had to leave and didn’t get a chance to see them on their Orator tour. So I didn’t get any photos or videos. But we did record the podcast! Which was a great time and I really appreciate them taking the time to do it with me! Hopefully they’ll be back in Kelowna and I’ll get a chance to record some of their material.

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Let’s sum it all up

Thanks for the bands taking their time to record the podcast episode and perform for the few people that showed up. That was really disappointing. Even the weekend before drew out so many people that I thought for sure there would be more at this show.

This coming weekend we are seeing the return of Truent along with Apollyon (playing their second last Kelowna show this year!) and Liberatia. That Saturday night show will be a great show to come out to.

But that’s not all! We also have The Hallowed Catharsis (THC), Technical Damage and No Faith In Fortune on the Sunday night. Yes. Two shows this weekend. That very well could be a contributing factor into the lack of people coming out to this one.

AMF Live Videos

When preparing for a recent podcasting episode I happened to come across a folder created during Armstrong Metalfest. This was sometime during day one I made my way back to camp and copied over a bunch of AMF live videos to make room on my phone for more. Which actually never happened. Anyways, below is a collection of songs

The Vth Circle live video

I don’t know much about The Vth Circle but I did enjoy their set at AMF. I contacted the band to let them know I had this footage which they were very appreciative of and told me the song is actually called The Storm and Rotter. Two songs back to back. So bam. Two for the prize of zero!

They also have a ton of material on their Bandcamp. The vocal style is very a very evil style of raspy growls while the music is full on melodic death metal. That’s quite different from what normally comes out of this part of the world for metal. It easily has this Scandinavian styled sound not too different from the likes of say early Soilwork or Dark Tranquillity.

Liberatia live video

Thrashy death metal. Fast and intense stuff which reminds me a little of Dead Asylum or West of Hell (though different but sometimes similar style of vocals). I spent some time with these releases as well and quite enjoyed what I heard.

Liberatia is playing Kelowna on August 17th along with Truent and Apollyon. After watching this found footage and listening to their Bandcamp I’m quite stoked to see them play.

Widow’s Peak

This video was already provided in a recent blog post I did about their cross Canada tour that is currently happening. So just to repost something (hey, I can do that from time to time) here is Widow’s Peak “Pillars of Failure”. Matt has a great intro to the song explaining what it is about:

“This song is about getting trapped inside your own fucking head. And building up an empire for anyone who ever fucking told you you couldn’t do what you wanted to do. … If anyone ever told you you couldn’t do something. If anyone ever told you you weren’t fucking good enough. Now’s the time fucking shine.”

I really like these dudes. They are good understanding people who provide a very positive message with their music. Did I ever mention their tech death is crazy good? I highly recommend people to give their Graceless EP a chance and get out there to see them play on their cross Canada tour!


This guys slap so hard! They recently played in Kelowna and I got a shit ton of footage for these dudes. We got together to do a written interview recently and one of these days I’ll get together with them to record a podcast episode. That is when the stars align.

These dudes also have a fantastic style of tech death that is quite literally out of this world. Being Warhammer 4K inspired. Check out their Bandcamp and our YouTube channel for more kick ass metal.

Podcast Episode 21: Parasitic Spawn

Hailing from Winnipeg the tech death band Anomalism sits down to discuss the band, their debut EP Parasitic Spawn and what it is like to be on the road touring for the first time. Not only that but first time in British Columbia too! Enjoy the Anomalism podcast!

This episode also covers the shows that took place on Thursday in Kamloops and Friday in Kelowna. Please see that blog post for more information and videos.

Anomalism podcast

Joining Widow’s Peak on the Alberta and BC leg of the cross-country tour Anomalism comes spreading their disgusting tech death. Disgusting in the best way ever. The EP is crushing and the live experience is so well executed that it’s only a matter of time before these boys are putting out a crushing full length album.

By the time of the airing of this episode the boys are back on the road home and scheduled to play a few shows around Manitoba. Good luck to Mike, Josh and Nigel! It was a real pleasure meeting you and getting to know the band. We’ll catch up again in the future!

Live footage

I didn’t stick around to see Anomalism play in Kamloops due to the 2 hour drive home and work in the morning. The Kelowna show was a real pleasure though and damn did this guys bring it! It does make me wish I stayed for both performances as the experience was fantastic. Unfortunately if I want to be able to bring metal to the internet I do need to regulate myself.

This is the opening track to their debut EP Parasitic Spawn (it is linked below so you can start listening as soon as the podcast ends!). Not only is it a real banger but the entire EP is top notch.

This one is so new it doesn’t even have a title yet. The best part of the popularity of the internet is that as soon as you have something new you WANT TO PUSH IT OUT THERE so you can create a bigger buzz and excitement for what you’re doing. I always encourage bands to do this because the more consistent you are with new content the more popular you will get!

Anyways, enough of my ranting I sure hope you enjoyed the music!

Support Anomalism

Like their tech death? Or their characters and the interview? Did you come to the show and somehow forgot to support them by purchasing their music or merch? Don’t worry. We got you covered. Make a purchase below!