Headcrusher Crushing Kelowna

Headcrusher, hailing from Colombia and later Texas, made their last stop on their tour a crushing one here in Kelowna. Warming up the crowd (and like they needed it after AMF!) was local start-up band Pharm and The Unending.

Pharm (Kelowna, BC) – hard rock/metal

These young talented dudes slapped out a set to warm up Muninn’s Friday night. The crowd definitely didn’t need warming up. The place was buzzing with energy following last weekend’s Armstrong Metalfest (podcast episode 1 and episode 2). I had seen the band name show up a number of times in my FB feed but hadn’t had a chance to see them live yet. My understanding was that this was their second ever live show? Someone can correct me on that if I got it wrong!

pharm at muninn's post

Their fusion of proggy rock/metal is a refreshing sound that really got everyone into the show. It was super exciting to see. There were a lot of people at Muninn’s Post from the get go and it seemed like the majority was really digging the set they threw down.

The band was really into it too. I got a chance to meet up with Matt before and after their set and he seemed like a really motivated guy really into what he was doing. On stage, damn the guy wouldn’t stop moving! He was really loving it up there and put on a really good show. The whole band did not just him alone!

The Unending (Kelowna, BC) – extreme metal

These guys are sick! Seriously. They’ve played a half dozen times this year and my work schedule has allowed me to only attend two shows. The first show was back when I was still testing stuff out for this blog and Friday. Since then they seemed to have grown in popularity. There were a lot of people present and highly enjoying the show.

headcrusher kelowna

The Unending t-shirt was available at the merch table (which now I’m realizing I should’ve taken a picture of it). Whether they sold out or not I don’t know buuuut there sure were a lot of fans wearing the shirts by the end of the night!

Tyler and the boys’ songs are fucking killer. This groovy melodic death metal fusion shit just slaps and the band has only gotten tighter as the year has progressed. The first time I saw them I recorded almost the entire set and put it up on my personal YouTube channel. Wow, now that I look back at it I have a whole bunch of videos there. One day I will get some time to move them over to MaM.

Unfortunately The Unending doesn’t have any recorded material so I cannot share a stream here. Check out their Facebook page, follow them to find out when their next shows are and please try to make it out. It’s a blast when these guys play and you need to come out and throw down with them!

Headcrusher (Columbia and Austin, Texas) – deathcore

The last show on their tour. Coming all the way from Columbia and Texas. These guys ripped hard!

So before the show I had booked a podcast interview with them and as an international act it would have been a great episode to record. So many questions and (I am sure) stories to tell about what it is like being an international band. These members are from all over the place.

Unfortunately the Okanagan Tattoo Show (an early sponsor) was taking place on the weekend and our equipment was being utilized else where. I do promise to have these guys back on the show no matter if they come to BC or I need to hunt them down else where on Earth!

Damn did these guys slam hard. They gave it all for their last show and sounded just as tight as their album material that I had been listening to on Bandcamp.

What’s really amazing is that we can get these out of town bands coming through Kelowna. But wait, not only that. Also that lots of people come out to support and have a great time! I was really excited to see Headcrusher and was definitely not disappointed one bit.

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