Exterminatus Interview

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Exterminatus Interview

We were to meet at AMF to podcast but due to unforeseen circumstances that didn’t come to be. I did see your set though and it was as intense as your recorded material. Can you describe the experience on stage and what it is like to play at a festival such as AMF? Have you played it before?

First off, thanks man. No, we have never played AMF before. In fact, this is technically our first time playing outside of the lower mainland. For us, this was hand’s down the best stage we’ve ever played on, and the energetic crowd at AMF made it more exciting for us to be on stage. The whole festival was a pleasure to not only be a part of but attend as fans ourselves.

Being a fairly new band (with Laniakea under your belt) and being a extreme tech death band in Vancouver, how you do find the scene to be? Are there any struggles you’ve faced?

Actually, we have two albums out now. Our first album Veni Vidi Vici came out in 2013, with a different line up. The Vancouver metal scene has been getting stronger lately, both in terms of bands and individual musicianship. This has been exciting for us as it pushes us to continue improving on our abilities. We’ve faced many struggles over the years. For example, our first album was completely wiped out after recording and had to be re recorded. LANIAKEA… was almost all redone at some point, two or three times.

Metal as Medicine has had many guests on the podcast discuss the lack of venues to play at (medium sized) how do you see that in the lower mainland? Do you feel the scene could benefit from a variety of venues?

Some venues have closed down over the past few years, the ones that remain are still active and local promoters are doing a great job of putting on shows. Larger venues would make Vancouver more attractive for bigger festivals and tours. Typically the only way to play the larger venues now is to open for larger touring bands. Of course having a more diverse selection of venues would be beneficial.

About the music

Speaking of Laniakea, can you touch a little on how the writing and recording process went? How was the experience in the studio? Who did you record with?

To keep it short, LANIAKEA was originally written around 2011. We have since reworked, recorded, then re recorded a couple of times until the 2018 iteration was released. The majority of the songs and lyrics, excluding bass and drums, were written by Tabreez. Although structured by him, everyone had input and influence on this album. Recording LANIAKEA was a long and donair filled process. There were many ups and downs; though more downs than ups. In the end, this experience has made us closer band mates and better musicians. The final version was recorded and mixed at Beat Lab Studios (aka Max’s Grandmother’s basement). The album was entirely produced, engineered, and mixed by Max. In fact, this was Max’s first official mix and album release.

Does the band have any primary writers or is it a collaborative effort by everyone?

To date, Tabreez has written the majority of the material. Exterminatus was initially a side project for him when he played in Xenocide. Of course, we still consider the band a collaborative effort as everyone has input in the evolution of the material, new and old.

How did the band come about the name Exterminatus? What kind of message is the band trying to convey with the image and atmosphere of the music?

The name comes from Warhammer 40k lore, it refers to the destruction of an entire planet’s biosphere. Both releases are concept albums and there isn’t any underlying message to our music. The music is self representative and we just try and write good death metal.

Looking forward

What does the band have planned for new material? A new release coming perhaps? If so, how far along is writing? How is it going?

We are working on a new full length album, there are no plans for release as of yet. The new album, similar to LANIAKEA, has been in writing for a long time circa 2012. It’s roughly 3/4 written and the concept for the album is mostly in place.

Any memorable stories from playing shows or touring?

We’ve had many great shows over the years, among the ones that stand out were Origin, Beyond Creation, The Zenith Passage, Rivers of Nihil, Inanimate Existence, and Abiotic were especially enjoyable. Armstrong has been our best experience yet and we are eagerly looking forward to our first tour.

A big thank you to Exterminatus for answering these questions for us and a promise to them that once it works out they will 100% appear on the podcast! Support local metal!

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