Podcast Episode 18: AMF Day 1 – Band Drop-Ins and Camp Shenanigans

In an episode capturing the live experience of Armstrong metalfest podcast shenanigans we are joined by Conniver member Sean Bouchard, Nomad vocalist Dylan Heska and Matt Depper of Apollyon . Later on Randy Peterson and Jacob LeBlanc of ArkenFire show up for a quick plug of the album they’re working on.

Warning this episode includes explicit content.

armstrong metalfest podcast

Armstrong Metalfest podcast

This was a great experience. I had a lot of fun recording this episode along with the many guests coming to say hi and/or plug their music. All the bands that have been mentioned are linked at the bottom of this page. Please check them out, listen to their music and if you enjoy it consider coming out to a show or buy their music. FUCK IT. Donate some money! Someone mentioned that one of the bands was tipped $30 at the merch table. THAT’S HOW WE DO IT.

armstrong metalfest podcast

The discussion starts off about the bands on the show and some of the past shows they had been involved in. This includes mixed bills and a lack of venue. Things start to get rowdy when JRod shows up in his short shorts.

armstrong metalfest short shorts

Armstrong Metalfest Stories

armstrong metalfest podcast stories

This looks like Matt is interviewing Axel but he is actually telling the story of his first Armstrong Metalfest experience.

I managed to capture a number of stories onthe Armstrong Metalfest podcast to give a bit of light of how some of the shenanigans that can take place at AMF.

AMF’s new stage

Armstrong Metalfest stage

Dylan discusses how he helped construct the new stage and a little about what goes on with it. Actually quite a little bit. The topics switch very quickly in this episode.

3-way manshake
A strong 3-way manshake

It was almost overwhelming with all the people around talking and listening to our discussion. There was a lot of fun being had by everyone and as intense and hectic the conversation gets (especially during the short shorts) it turned out really well. I feel as though this really helped get an idea of what it is like to let loose at a festival and just have a good time.

Being responsible at Armstrong Metalfest

Naturally be responsible. Please don’t do anything you will later regret, think about your decisions before you make them. It is not smart to drink a drink you didn’t open yourself or see be opened. Also please don’t do drugs if you are unprepared to do them!

camp tesla

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Support Nomad


If Nomad has any recorded material I couldn’t find it online. I reached out to the band and they have not recorded any material yet. So please stay tuned for that!

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Bands mentioned on this episode

Detherous, Widow’s Peak, Disentomb, Xul, Truent, Rivers of Nihil, ArkenFire, AngelMaker, Galactic Pegasus, Death Machine, Eden Echo, Cattle Decapitation, Display of Decay, Cryptic Enslavement,

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