Kelowna Suffers Centuries of Decay

Centuries of Decay
Centuries of Decay playing at Muninn’s Post

Centuries of Decay eroded Kelowna down to nothing Saturday night. Two shows in a week again! Opening this show was Kelowna’s own DropDeadFred and (also from Ontario) Tortured Saint. They passed through Kelowna during their Odyssey to the West Tour which covered Western Canada including the upcoming Armstrong Metalfest with whom we recently did a podcast with.

centuries of decay tour poster

It has been a bit since I had gotten out to see everyone. Truly it would be great to get out more often but there is a lot on my plate at almost all times. Also my friend Lasse from Finland was spending his last night in Canada during the show. At the previous show we were at (Striker, Lost Nebula, and ArkenFire) he took some video from the lights and sound table which turned out very well. So I figured I’d give it a shot and see how the footage turned out. You be the judge and let me know. There is always room for improvement and I’m open for suggestions!

Lasse having a beer at Muninn's Post
Lasse having a beer at Muninn’s Post

This actually takes me back all the way to one of the first shows I covered (and still one of my favorite. Fucking love Enterprise Earth) where I was practicing taking footage from different angles to see how it all turned out in the end.

It’s sad that my friend had to return to Finland but fear not he will most likely make it back this way sometime in the future for more of the beautiful Okanagan and more metal shows. He has been listening to the podcast since the beginning with our Death Machine conversation and was very surprised with how passionate the metal scene is here. A very tight-nit group of all ages of people and types of personalities. Word is spreading about just how awesome the Kelowna scene is!

I miss him dearly already!

DropDeadFred (Kelowna, BC) – Deathcore

DropDeadFred performed their second gig in a short time, at least that I have attended, and again put on a stellar set of groovy deathcore. They again played a mix of older material and a new song or two which sounded much tighter than at the last show. Hats off to them for putting on a great show and warming up the crowd that turned out.

Yes Kole is daring enough to perform barefooted. The soles of his feet must be leather.

Check them out below. They have a single EP out right now and their live show is a real treat. Show some love for this great group of guys and support them.

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Tortured Saint (London, ONT) – Deathcore

It’s coming out to local shows and not fully knowing all the bands playing that make something like this extra special. Leading up to Tortured Saints‘ set I had only heard one song. Lasse and I found them on Spotify and gave a single song a listen just for a taste. Knowing Centuries of Decay and DropDeadFred already it was easy to tell that these guys completely fit the bill and would most likely put on a killer show.

Well to see how it went watch the video for the song Infernal that I took during their set. The atmosphere is awesome. Jereme standing on that box that lit up was great. Having him stand over the crowd belching out his lyrics felt menacing and completely fitting to the entire experience.

It is the experience of the whole show that has me looking forward to them and coming back. Performers who take the time to make sure we are entertained to the maximum. Now there doesn’t have to be any kind of gimmicks. In some cases just the had gestures of the vocalist, the positioning of the members or even the facial expressions can do it. With so many people watching and enjoying everyone is focused, watching or concentrated on a different part of the show.

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Centuries of Decay (Toronto, ONT) – Progressive death metal

What a surprise act this is! These fellows won the Wacken Battle of the Bands Canada last year and played a 20 minute set at one of Europe’s biggest metal festival. So when they announced coming to town I just had to be there and see these guys first hand.

Yes it is totally worth it. They played a tight set consisting of (most of the) material from their debut self-titled album. Still as an unsigned band I have a feeling this won’t be long until they are scooped up by a label to produce some really killer material.

I highly recommend people spend some time with their debut album. Fans of more progressive death/extreme metal won’t be disappointed. It truly is hard to give these guys a genre but their influences are so vast that it seems only natural they would produce a unique sound all of their own.

These dudes are playing Armstrong Metalfest on the Friday night this weekend. Fans coming to the festival will NOT want to miss their set. It’ll be a great one for sure.

Support Centuries of Decay


One Final Note

On a final note it was great to have Centuries of Decay stop by Kelowna to play for us. It is unfortunate that the turn out was rather small but this could be expected though with the headliner also playing the biggest metal fest in the province less than a week later. Centuries of Decay is worth seeing more than once. Hell to tell the truth any band is! Understandably people have to pick and choose which shows they attend.

Next up is the Armstrong Metalfest. A two day festival taking place on the local fair grounds of Armstrong. To celebrate their 10th year the festival organizers have some really awesome bands lined up. Be sure to listen to the podcast episode we did with the organizers for more information on the history of the festival and what to expect this year. Some of the bands on the bill have already guested on Metal as Medicine: Death Machine, Apollyon, and Odinfist.

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