Podcast Episode 14: Hacked to Death

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This is the Detherous podcast! Guests this episode are the members of Calgary death metal band Detherous. Recently signed on Redefining Darkness Records we discuss what it took to put together their debut album Hacked to Death due out August 16th.

Detherous live at Muninn’s Post:

We go extensively through their short but sweet discography and tackle what it took to create the sounds of each release.

In the Detherous podcast how many Marks are there?

You can read about their show in Kelowna and see videos of all the bands that performed here.

detherous live in kelowna

Detherous – Demo

The demo that was recorded 2 weeks after Dimitri joined on drums and recorded in his garage. Can you tell it was recorded with a Rock Band mic?

Detherous – Live at Distortion

Ahh, the live EP that isn’t as good as the demo because it isn’t as raw. Some people just like different styles and sounds when they listen to metal. Much like black metal death is just as much of an exception.

This EP was recorded by Nate Reno (Big Nate Productions) at Distortion Live Music Venue in Calgary.

detherous podcast distortion venue in calgary
RIP Distortion. You looked like a blast!

Lyrical content

Damon goes through his lyrical inspirations touching on a bunch of songs from the upcoming album.

If you can find and figure out what the lyrics of NIRC are about please contact the band and let Damon know. He wrote them after drinking NyQuil. It very well could be about someone being hacked up in an odd situation.

Dimitri and Dylan also play in a death/thrash band called Animosity. Well maybe death/thrash. They insist that it is a no genre band that plays whatever the fuck they feel like.

Hacked to Death out August 16th on Redefining Darkness Records

Support Detherous

If you enjoyed the Detherous podcast and if you can’t make it out to a show to purchase merch and support the band you can pre-order their album here:

Detherous Bandcamp
Hacked to death on Redefining Darkness Bandcamp

Mentioned in this podcast:

Plaguebringer, Protosequence, Wasted Heretics, Death Machine, Apollyon, Exterminatus, Kayas, Truent, Death Peacher, Waking Mayhem, Skalds of Surt,

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