Podcast Episode 13: A Rock Supreme

Danko Jones joins us in this episode! The man, the legend. We discuss the rise and fall of rock and evolution of the scene in general. Terence and Erik also go through the new Rammstein album (first in 10 years) giving their opinions on how they have evolved over the years and recollect the old days of discovering the band in the mid 90’s.

Danko Jones’ A Rock Supreme

Danko has gone ahead and again releases another killer album of hard rock. In the same vein has his previous releases it’s full of hooks, catchy choruses and that Danko attitude we have all grown to know and love.

This is Terence in full fanboy mode. He has adored Danko’s music since the release of Lovercall back in the early 2000’s and has followed him since. While Erik followed Danko from Lovercall to Never Too Loud and back for A Rock Supreme.

If you dig his attitude infused rock consider purchasing his music below and if you can get a chance to see him rock out live do it and buy some merch!

Rammstein’s first album in 10 years

Yes Rammstein has released a new album. One of the biggest bands in the world drawing thousands of people to each and every sold out show. Tacking on additional shows in many cities they tour. So how does it stack up?

Erik and Terence, two veteran Rammstein fans (since the Lost Highway Soundtrack), give their input on how the album pans out. They go through each track and give breakdowns and tidbits where need be.

The Ramm4 song that the band has been playing live during the 10 year gap between albums:

Rammstein’s cover of the Kraftwerk song Das Modell:

The following videos are official videos for the new album:

These video posts are if you haven’t already been one of the tens of millions to view these.

The video for Auslander debuted the day of the recording of this episode:

There are said to be still two video singles to be released so stay tuned for those on the official Rammstein channel.

Hopefully one of those songs is the stellar track Puppe. Here is the breakdown video to the lyrics as discussed on the podcast:

Herzeleid.com is an old website that is no longer being updated but still active. Back in the day this was one of the only ways for us to get updates about the band. The website was probably in its prime during the time between Sehnsucht and Mutter.

We recommend checking out his videos for other Rammstein lyrical translations and breakdowns.

Bands mentioned:

Emigrate, Kraftwerk, Tool, System of a Down, Amon Amarth, Nickleback, Limp Bizkit, Volbeat, Misfits