Podcast Episode 15: A Pact From the Grave

cultist and euthanized podcast

Cultist and Euthanized Podcast

The Cultist and Euthanized podcast is our fifteenth episode of Metal as Medicine! These two bands are here to discuss their origins, their upcoming split A Pact From the Grave and conspiracy among other topics. This podcast episode was recorded on June 6th, 2019 at Muninn’s Post.

The split titled “A Pact From the Grave” will be released on June 28th and can be ordered from Nightstrike Records. Yes that is “mail.com”. Not Hotmail or Gmail but just mail. Visit their Facebook page for more info.

There are topics and statements made during this podcast that may be hard for some listeners. Statements made in this podcast are not the views of Metal as Medicine or its hosts.

Cultist is from Calgary, AB and play an old school style of death metal.

Euthanized is from Victoria, BC and play a crusty style of black metal.

Mental Health is important to us

Although it is joked about in this podcast episode. We take depression and suicide very seriously. If you or someone you know may be suffering from depression or other similar mental illnesses please consider seeking help. There are many ways to get help be it the mental health drop-in located in Kelowna or such websites as Crisis Centre and Foundry.

Assisted suicide for those with a terminal illness has been legal in Canada since June 2016.

St. Anger In A Prison

Yes, Metallica did record a video in a prison and we are nice enough to share that with you.

Master of Puppets with the St. Anger snare. You know, the greatest snare sound ever recorded in the history of the world.

Euthanized live in Kelowna

The Cultist and Euthanized podcast was recorded at Muninn’s Post before their live show. Below is live footage of Euthanized from that night.

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Podcast Episode 14: Hacked to Death

detherous podcast

This is the Detherous podcast! Guests this episode are the members of Calgary death metal band Detherous. Recently signed on Redefining Darkness Records we discuss what it took to put together their debut album Hacked to Death due out August 16th.

Detherous live at Muninn’s Post:

We go extensively through their short but sweet discography and tackle what it took to create the sounds of each release.

In the Detherous podcast how many Marks are there?

You can read about their show in Kelowna and see videos of all the bands that performed here.

detherous live in kelowna

Detherous – Demo

The demo that was recorded 2 weeks after Dimitri joined on drums and recorded in his garage. Can you tell it was recorded with a Rock Band mic?

Detherous – Live at Distortion

Ahh, the live EP that isn’t as good as the demo because it isn’t as raw. Some people just like different styles and sounds when they listen to metal. Much like black metal death is just as much of an exception.

This EP was recorded by Nate Reno (Big Nate Productions) at Distortion Live Music Venue in Calgary.

detherous podcast distortion venue in calgary
RIP Distortion. You looked like a blast!

Lyrical content

Damon goes through his lyrical inspirations touching on a bunch of songs from the upcoming album.

If you can find and figure out what the lyrics of NIRC are about please contact the band and let Damon know. He wrote them after drinking NyQuil. It very well could be about someone being hacked up in an odd situation.

Dimitri and Dylan also play in a death/thrash band called Animosity. Well maybe death/thrash. They insist that it is a no genre band that plays whatever the fuck they feel like.

Hacked to Death out August 16th on Redefining Darkness Records

Support Detherous

If you enjoyed the Detherous podcast and if you can’t make it out to a show to purchase merch and support the band you can pre-order their album here:

Detherous Bandcamp
Hacked to death on Redefining Darkness Bandcamp

Mentioned in this podcast:

Plaguebringer, Protosequence, Wasted Heretics, Death Machine, Apollyon, Exterminatus, Kayas, Truent, Death Peacher, Waking Mayhem, Skalds of Surt,

Plaguebringer West Coast Tour Raises Diabolos

It’s been a busy time for me so I didn’t get a chance to build the template for the Plaguebringer west coast tour show that took place Monday at Muninn’s Post. After the Numenorean show things got a little hectic in the personal life. Nothing too insane or bad in anyway but still kept me from working on the blog portion of Metal as Medicine. Not that a few days later is late by any means but it seems like the business doesn’t have much of an end in sight at the moment.

plaguebringer west coast tour

Plaguebringer and Protosequence stopped in Kelowna Monday evening to perform the second show on their tour taking them down the west coast of North America. Opening for them were Wasted Heretics and Detherous both of whom were on their own tour to create a meeting of the bands in Kelowna.

As with all bands coming through town I listen to them to familiarize myself with the music (if they are bands I hadn’t heard before) so I know the songs to expect and it just makes for a more enjoyable experience for myself. I knew this was going to be a hell of a show. I really enjoy the Plaguebringer album Diabolos (can’t believe it is their first!), Protosequence has this awesome not restrained to genre death metal, (the recently signed) Detherous with their old school death metal and Wasted Heretics the young but devastating melodeath band.

Yes it does seem like I pump up these bands a lot that come through town but damn if they don’t actually kick ass. The conversation comes up quite often between the local metalheads that metal nowadays isn’t anything like what it used to be. This isn’t in some derogatory, “damn kids these days”, kinda way. This is in the way of metal was very unique throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s it was fresh and new but also very simple. Bathory arguably the creators of black metal and then Viking metal were very simple on their best albums (or even all) even more so to say Slayer too.

Nowadays compare it to any of the metal bands we have going on locally (or check the YouTube channel) and as young as they are they are educated musically and metally as well as technical and talented as fuck IN THEIR YOUNG AGES.

So yes when I get excited about bands coming through it has a lot of backing to it.

Wasted Heretics (Saskatoon, Sk) – melodic death metal

There isn’t much to be found about Wasted Heretics. As some sort of self proclaimed internet detective (or just loser who sits online 24/7 lol) I’ve uncovered very little for this young band. That is common with opening acts that roll through town and starting groups. BUT DAMN IF THEY DID PLAY SO GOOD.

wasted heretics live in kelowna

They describe themselves on their Bandcamp page as a “melodic death metal band that refuses to be confined by the typical boundaries of death metal”. Which 100% would normally be a restraint that some metalheads would expect especially when you say “oh they are a melodeath band” or whatever genre you label it. There is groove, there is intense death inspired riffs, melodic sections, blast beats. There really isn’t any constraints at all.

Most definitely the standout performance was the vocals provided by Michael Pichula the range on him makes him a fucking beast. Also the drumming by Carly Brown was fantastic. It was a pleasure watching her perform.

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Detherous (Calgary, AB) – death metal

Recently signed to Redefining Darkness Records death metallers Detherous are back in Kelowna for another round to hack Muninn’s Post to death. They are currently on their own tour with Wasted Heretics in support of their upcoming album Hacked to Death out on August 16th.

detherous live in kelowna

Take some time to listen to their music because damn if it isn’t some old school shit. They aren’t joking around either when they say each song is pretty much about dying or hacking something/one up.

I sat down with them to discuss a bit of their history and the upcoming album. These dudes are fantastic people and have the best intentions in just sharing their creativity and music with the fine metalheads of the world.

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Protosequence (progressive death metal) – Edmonton, AB

Having listened to their new single a number of times and loving it I was quite excited to see Protosequence live. One thing I won’t do before seeing a band perform is watch live footage (if I can help it). It’s always a surprise to see how they perform their music and what kind of show and experience they put on for the crowd.

protosequence live in kelowna

This is one band I definitely am glad I have not seen footage of. These guys had an awesome show and the vocal performance by Josh Hahn. It’s like if Roberto Trujillo became some kinda insane crab-being Decapodian vocalist.

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Plaguebringer (blackened death metal) – Calgary, AB

So I have been listening to their debut album Diabolos for a few months now and the more I listened to it the more excited I got to see them live. Having said that I am notorious for leaving early and not actually staying to see much more than a song or two of the headlining band. Which can be shitty of my early tiredness because sometimes there are bands that I am really looking forward to seeing.

These guys were not disappointing from the get go and leaves me proud of myself for sticking around. It was so good that I wanted to stick around to see at least half. Which I did! Not much of an accomplishment but at least it was something.

It felt like these guys nailed every damn song they played. That’s from my recollection of course. Actually from that comes the thought that they were playing, what felt like, one continuous song for the first 3-4 of them. Like every song continued almost immediately after the other. Naturally that could be the late night blur.

There is a lot of fucking good metal coming out of Alberta recently. Plaguebringer is no exception. Just listen to that first song Maleficarvm. The band is “blackened death metal” but don’t let that fool you. There is a shit tonne of technicality to it as well. A relentless attack. My only gripe with the show is the same with any other band that has atmospheric synths or keyboard work. There is no keyboardist!

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Podcast Episode 13: A Rock Supreme

Danko Jones joins us in this episode! The man, the legend. We discuss the rise and fall of rock and evolution of the scene in general. Terence and Erik also go through the new Rammstein album (first in 10 years) giving their opinions on how they have evolved over the years and recollect the old days of discovering the band in the mid 90’s.

Danko Jones’ A Rock Supreme

Danko has gone ahead and again releases another killer album of hard rock. In the same vein has his previous releases it’s full of hooks, catchy choruses and that Danko attitude we have all grown to know and love.

This is Terence in full fanboy mode. He has adored Danko’s music since the release of Lovercall back in the early 2000’s and has followed him since. While Erik followed Danko from Lovercall to Never Too Loud and back for A Rock Supreme.

If you dig his attitude infused rock consider purchasing his music below and if you can get a chance to see him rock out live do it and buy some merch!

Rammstein’s first album in 10 years

Yes Rammstein has released a new album. One of the biggest bands in the world drawing thousands of people to each and every sold out show. Tacking on additional shows in many cities they tour. So how does it stack up?

Erik and Terence, two veteran Rammstein fans (since the Lost Highway Soundtrack), give their input on how the album pans out. They go through each track and give breakdowns and tidbits where need be.

The Ramm4 song that the band has been playing live during the 10 year gap between albums:

Rammstein’s cover of the Kraftwerk song Das Modell:

The following videos are official videos for the new album:

These video posts are if you haven’t already been one of the tens of millions to view these.

The video for Auslander debuted the day of the recording of this episode:

There are said to be still two video singles to be released so stay tuned for those on the official Rammstein channel.

Hopefully one of those songs is the stellar track Puppe. Here is the breakdown video to the lyrics as discussed on the podcast:

Herzeleid.com is an old website that is no longer being updated but still active. Back in the day this was one of the only ways for us to get updates about the band. The website was probably in its prime during the time between Sehnsucht and Mutter.

We recommend checking out his videos for other Rammstein lyrical translations and breakdowns.

Bands mentioned:

Emigrate, Kraftwerk, Tool, System of a Down, Amon Amarth, Nickleback, Limp Bizkit, Volbeat, Misfits