Podcast Episode 12: Join the Hunt

svneatr podcast episode

Svneatr (Black metal from Vancouver, BC) drops in to discuss reforming the band, musical influences and progress on their follow up album to The Howl, The Whisper, The Hunt. Also joining us is Apollyon vocalist Matt Depper. They recently drove up from Vancouver to support Numenorean in Kelowna.

Svneatr podcast episode

Muninn's Post round table
The round table at Muninn’s Post

This was a blast to sit down at the round table with Svneatr to record before their gig. A great group of metalheads bringing different influential and diverse backgrounds together to create some pretty sweet black metal.

svneatr podcast matt of apollyon

It was a pleasure to have Matt from Apollyon on. He was supposed to sit in with us on a previous episode that never materialized. This dude is always welcome on the show. He’s an energetic guy with a real passion and drive for metal.

svneatr podcast the hair that metalheads want

This is the hair that metalheads wished they had. Alexi Laiho ain’t got nothing on this beautiful flow.

The Crash Bandicoot poster. WOAH.

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Bands mentioned

Darkthrone, Death Machine, Liberatia, Gnosis,