Podcast Episode 11: Let the Gods Decide

The Odinfist podcast! The band sits down with Erik to explain the concept and storyline behind their fifth full-length album Let the Gods Decide. This recording took place before their release party show at Muninn’s Post on May 18th. The band discusses the story behind all 10 tracks of their new album as well as behind the scenes, recording information, when and how songs were developed.

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Let the Gods Decide is the fifth full-length album from the power/thrash/heavy metal band Odinfist.

Jesse Valstar and the band put a ton of work into worldbuilding and developing a story with character progression, conflict and resolution as well as side stories and lore.

It was a real pleasure sitting down with the guys and learning about the story that goes along with this awesome album. It really makes the album much more enjoyable understanding how it all flows together with the story.

If you like power/thrash metal, fictional stories and just not taking anything too seriously this could be the album and band for you.

For the Odinfist podcast I included a playlist below so you can stream the album on Spotify or Bandcamp after listening. Also below is some of the artwork that we spoke about on the podcast. I’m not sure what artwork (if there is more) is included with the physical CD. Tyler promised he’d update the Bandcamp page so I am holding out for that to purchase the album.

Stream the album

Here is an embedded Bandcamp playlist so you can follow along with the tracklisting then listen to the album afterwards.

This is a great time to consider purchasing the music off Bandcamp and supporting the band directly!

Album artwork to support the story

odinfist podcast fenrir's jaws artwork
Fenrir’s Jaws
The dam

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Thanks for listening to the Odinfist podcast. They put together a really fantastic album so please consider purchasing their albums online. For those who can make it to their shows consider purchasing some merchandise from the band. Every little bit helps and our support for these great bands go a long way in continuing to bring us entertainment.

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