Podcast Episode 12: Join the Hunt

Svneatr (Black metal from Vancouver, BC) drops in to discuss reforming the band, musical influences and progress on their follow up album to The Howl, The Whisper, The Hunt. Also joining us is Apollyon vocalist Matt Depper. They recently drove up from Vancouver to support Numenorean in Kelowna.

Svneatr podcast episode

Muninn's Post round table
The round table at Muninn’s Post

This was a blast to sit down at the round table with Svneatr to record before their gig. A great group of metalheads bringing different influential and diverse backgrounds together to create some pretty sweet black metal.

svneatr podcast matt of apollyon

It was a pleasure to have Matt from Apollyon on. He was supposed to sit in with us on a previous episode that never materialized. This dude is always welcome on the show. He’s an energetic guy with a real passion and drive for metal.

svneatr podcast the hair that metalheads want

This is the hair that metalheads wished they had. Alexi Laiho ain’t got nothing on this beautiful flow.

The Crash Bandicoot poster. WOAH.

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Bands mentioned

Darkthrone, Death Machine, Liberatia, Gnosis,

Numenorean In Kelowna

Black metal ruled the night hosted by Numenorean in Kelowna. In support of their new album Adore the band made a stop on their way down to Vancouver to play the Modified Ghost Festival. It was nice Jesse and Siobhan to get them booked for a show as there was a lot of love and support for the post-black metal act from Edmonton. Arctos (Edmonton), Svneatr (Vancouver) and Indecipherable Noise (Peachland) all provided amazing support.

I had spoken with Brendan from Svneatr before hand about recording a podcast and he eagerly agreed. So before the show I sat down at the round table with all four members of the black metal band and we had a great time discussing the band and joking around. That episode should be coming in the next week or so. Stay tuned for that one!

Numenorean in Kelowna

Indecipherable Noise (Kelowna, BC) – instrumental progressive metal

These guys are sounding real tight. There has been a show or two since I last saw them perform but I can say that they have gotten much tighter sounding and put on a great last night.

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Svneatr (Vancouver, BC) – black metal

Their debut album The Howl, The Whisper, The Hunt has been on my playlist since I found them. A blend of atmospheric type black metal with some Darkthrone worship (there is nothing wrong at all about this!!) makes for an entertaining album in my books.

Svneatr in Kelowna with Numenorean

A fellow metalhead who makes the trek down from Vernon for shows introduced me to Svneatr. From there Brendan and I began following each other on Twitter and finally after finding out about their show in Kelowna got together for the podcast.

The band was nice enough to allow me to share a new song of theirs called Lavender:

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Arctos (Edmonton, BC) – melodic black metal

Super fucking intense black metal! Holy shit. Really that’s the first thought that comes to mind while thinking about their set last night. I felt some real Dissection or Naglfar influence in their sound both during the show and on the 2017 EP A Spire Silent.

Arctos in Kelowna with Numenorean

They played some new material which they said was from an upcoming album. I’m pretty stoked on that. They’ve got some good shit going on so far.

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Numenorean (Edmonton, BC) – post-black metal

Their sophomore album Adore came out in mid-April and has been a staple in my weekly listens since. It’s got some amazing atmosphere and, if it can be said, catchy songs that pull me in when I listen with my headphones. So having a chance to see Numenorean in Kelowna live is really something else.

This whole post-black metal movement that’s been going on the last few years has really pulled me in thanks to this new album. I hope these guys come back again soon. In fact all the bands. This was a great night for metal and thus the world.

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Thanks for making it this far through the blog! If you enjoyed any of these bands through the recordings or video please consider supporting them! Get out to the shows and show some love for all our amazing metal bands.

Podcast Episode 11: Let the Gods Decide

The Odinfist podcast! The band sits down with Erik to explain the concept and storyline behind their fifth full-length album Let the Gods Decide. This recording took place before their release party show at Muninn’s Post on May 18th. The band discusses the story behind all 10 tracks of their new album as well as behind the scenes, recording information, when and how songs were developed.

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odinfist podcast

Let the Gods Decide is the fifth full-length album from the power/thrash/heavy metal band Odinfist.

Jesse Valstar and the band put a ton of work into worldbuilding and developing a story with character progression, conflict and resolution as well as side stories and lore.

It was a real pleasure sitting down with the guys and learning about the story that goes along with this awesome album. It really makes the album much more enjoyable understanding how it all flows together with the story.

If you like power/thrash metal, fictional stories and just not taking anything too seriously this could be the album and band for you.

For the Odinfist podcast I included a playlist below so you can stream the album on Spotify or Bandcamp after listening. Also below is some of the artwork that we spoke about on the podcast. I’m not sure what artwork (if there is more) is included with the physical CD. Tyler promised he’d update the Bandcamp page so I am holding out for that to purchase the album.

Stream the album

Here is an embedded Bandcamp playlist so you can follow along with the tracklisting then listen to the album afterwards.

This is a great time to consider purchasing the music off Bandcamp and supporting the band directly!

Album artwork to support the story

odinfist podcast fenrir's jaws artwork
Fenrir’s Jaws
The dam

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Thanks for listening to the Odinfist podcast. They put together a really fantastic album so please consider purchasing their albums online. For those who can make it to their shows consider purchasing some merchandise from the band. Every little bit helps and our support for these great bands go a long way in continuing to bring us entertainment.

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Odinfist Release Party

ODINFIST RELEASE PARTY! Time to get our groove on at Muninn’s Post! Odinfist made the trek from Armstrong to Kelowna this past weekend to throw a big party with us in celebration of the release of their fifth album Let the Gods Decide.

Support came from Eden Echo (Kelowna), Orchestry (Vancouver), and groove metallers League of Corruption (Vancouver).

Eden Echo (Kelowna) – melodic metal

Honesty is a thing I always strive for with this blog and life in general. That previous sentence may think some deep philosophical analyzation is incoming but no it is just about the genre of Eden Echo. Honestly I still have no idea how to describe this band. Melodic metal is about the closest I can come up with.

eden echo at odinfist release party

Their set consisted of songs from their new EP Kingdom in the Shadow. So because of this I didn’t take any video has I believe I have already recorded most of the songs from it at other shows. Instead I took the chance to see how their performance has developed over time. They seem to be loosening up on stage and having more fun. The music is sounding so much tighter and I do believe the next show I see them play at I’ll record some footage for comparison of their stage show and sound.

odinfist release party eden echo band

These guys deserve tons of love and support and the fans really show it. So please take some time to listen to their music and consider donating to them by purchasing their album!

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Orchestry (Vancouver, BC) – progressive metal

This was my surprise act that evening. First it was completely unknown what was coming. Orchestry doesn’t have much info online, videos, etc. Just a few clips that I could find and no studio recordings to stream (that I could find). DAMN did they impress me with their Dream Theater style of progressive metal. Lots of instrumental moments, solos, licks, arpeggios, riffs like you wouldn’t believe. There was also hints of Devin Townsend here and there in some of the melodies and solos.

orchestry at muninn's post for odinfist release party

It would be a pleasure to experience Orchestry live again but with their keyboardist present. They performed with a tracking off a laptop of their keyboard parts. If you look on their Facebook page (if you dare, Facebook is shit) there is a clip of them performing Broken Mirror with a live keyboardist. So we know they exist!

Even after a roughly 40 minute set I was itching to hear more. I took the initiative to contact them on Facebook about any kind of studio recordings. If anyone knows whether they have any or not please contact me. They have to record eventually and get their great sound out there!

League of Corruption (Vancouver, BC) – groove metal

League of Corruption is another band that I just cannot find online for the life of me. Even their Metal Archives page doesn’t have any releases listed. There were three songs on their Myspace page which seems all of them were part of the millions of songs lost by them earlier this year.

These guys are about crushing beers and playing metal which is great because their style of groove metal (to something of the likes of Pantera) was pretty spot on. The crowd was into it and there were some that new the words to a few songs it seemed. My back was bothering me so I had to sit down for most the set to give it a rest.

The video won’t embed so here is a link to their song I recorded: https://youtu.be/fwjIwNKwhvQ

Odinfist (Armstrong, BC) – power/thrash metal

Because we did sit down and talk about the album before the show for the podcast episode so it had me extra excited to see them play. Their stage show is full of energy as Jesse is jumping around playing his bass. He really gets into it and has a great time on the stage. Tyler sings just as great as in the studio as they played through their first two tracks to open the show.

I did have to leave early due to work in the morning (and a double at that) so unfortunately I didn’t get to see the entire show. They did mention during the discussion that they were playing songs from all five of their albums.

Their style of thrashy power/heavy metal is just the kind I like (keyboards are awesome too!) so I’ve been highly enjoying all their releases. There new album Let the Gods Decide is probably their best yet. I’m anxiously awaiting for them to upload it to their Bandcamp page not only to be able to purchase and support them but also to read the lyrics for the story. See our podcast episode for the explanation of what the story is about.

odinfist release party

I’ve been listening to Let the Gods Decide while writing this blog post and now there is nothing more I’d want to see than Odinfist play the entire album live. That would be a great show. Hell have a stage show at the same time acting out the story. At least the next time they play I’ll get to see the entire set. Fingers crossed. At Armstrong Metal Fest in July.

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Podcast Episode 10: Let Me See You Stripped

This week the new Rammstein album drops this weekend so we go back and discuss some of the controversy that the band has been the centre of. We also cover new albums by Danko Jones and Amon Amarth as well as ninja/samurai metal.

We also discuss Avengers: Endgame spoilers in the second half so if you do not want to be spoiled on some of the plot points don’t listen beyond our spoiler warning at about 40:30.

Rammstein Stripped controversy

Below is the making of video that Terence had watched and discusses.

New Slipknot video Unsainted

Vanilla Ice goes metal

In the mid 90’s Vanilla Ice decided he wanted to go metal and ended up recording a couple nu-metal albums Hard to Swallow and Bi-Polar.

Ninja Magic: The best power metal there is.

I wanted to post the actual music video but the format doesn’t allow for embedding. So please search YouTube for Ninja Magic the way of life for the studio recorded version.

Bands mentioned in this episode:

Rammstein, Depeche Mode, Deftones, 3Teeth, Ho99o9, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Amon Amarth, Vanilla Ice, Danko Jones, Ninja Magic, Whispered