Podcast Episode 8 – We Are Now West of Hell

This is an episode full of guests! West of Hell recently passed through Kelowna on their Canadian tour. Chris “the Heathen” Valagao and *blank* join us in this episode to chat the new album, touring, filming videos atop a bus and Zimmer’s Hole. That’s right. Will there be a new ZH album? We want answers and we get them! Also Jesse Valstar of Odinfist join to discuss the upcoming Armstrong Metal Fest and more!

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west of hell podcast in kelowna

Negro Terror

Negro Terror‘s singer Omar Higgins recently passed away. Please so them some love and support by purchasing their music!

What is “dungeon synth?”

From Wikipedia, dungeon synth is a subgenre of dark ambient but early pioneers were mainly associated with the black metal scene. Classic dungeon synth focuses largely on recreating medieval musical styles and textures with synthesizers.

Below is the project Fief and a perfect example of dungeon synth music. Bellkeeper is the project we talk about on the podcast.

Napster vs Spotify

Cole Gluszkowski bassist of, Terence’s band, Dracula Black drops in to discuss illegal streaming, Napster and MP3s.

This is an article based on how much each streaming service payout to artists.

Streaming services: Napster, Spotify, Tidal.

West of Hell videos

Armstrong Metal Fest Lineup:

armstrong metal fest

Bands/people mentioned:

Inter Arma, Burzum, Bellkeeper, Allegaeon, Numenorean, Master Boot Record, Author and Punisher, Gene Hoglan, Metallica, Sun O))), Danko Jones, Ravenous, Smoulder, Ossuaire, Zaum, Issfenn, 3TEETH, Ho99o9, Limp Bizkit, Henry Rollins, Rollins Band, Dragonforce, Pendulum, 3 Inches of Blood, Revocation, Nekrogoblikon, Eagles of Death Metal,

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