Podcast Episode 7 – When Minds Develop

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WMD (When Minds Develop) sat down with us on Good Friday before their gig at Muninn’s Post in Kelowna, BC. They were supporting a stacked line up with ArkenFire, Time Rift, Villain and Roadrash which you can read about in our blog entry .

When Minds Develop is a great thrash band providing some old school styled thrash. All about drinking beers, thrashing out and having fun. Sticking it to the man! All in good faith and the freedom of people. Which is what thrash has always been about.

I’ve really been enjoying their new album and highly encourage people to stream it. They put in the right amount of attitude and it is clear how passionate they are about their music. Highly dedicated to their work and progress so far surely there is a bright future ahead for these young thrashers.

Take a look at the links below and if they are coming to play in an area near you consider taking the time to come out and see them. You really will not be disappointed. Yeah, I do say that quite often about a number of the bands that I am blogging about here but, you know, when I say it I really do mean it!!

The song you here in this episode is Capture and Kill by WMD.

when minds develop talking about heavy metal on the Metal as Medicine podcast

If you enjoyed this interview and liked WMD’s music please consider visiting their Bandcamp and supporting them buy purchasing their album!

WMD Links:

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