Podcast Episode 1 – Death Machine

Our debut episode with guests Death Machine!

Terence and Erik sit down to discuss metal and the Kelowna metal scene with special guests Death Machine. A hot local tech death band playing live shows and hopefully recording some wicked good material soon. These boys rip every night they play and we highly recommend people come to Muninn’s Post to check them out!

What’s new in metal for the week of Feb 24th to March 2nd? Join us as we discuss Inter Arma, Children of Bodom, In Flames, and Devin Townsend. Metalstorm released the results of their 2018 awards! Join us as we go through some of the notables.

In the second half Kelowna death metal band Death Machine join us in the discussion. Yes, the whole band! We discuss Wacken Battle of the Bands and the Kelowna metal scene as well as where the band has been and where they’re going!

Death Machine:


Armstrong Metal Fest
Muninn’s Post

Other bands mentioned in this episode:

In FlamesInter ArmaRotting ChristBattle BeastTestamentSlipknotKalmahDevin TownsendImmortalRivers of NihilAmorphisOmnium GatherumSoulfly

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